Chinese grandmother opened the American grandson's bag, shocked

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zhongshanribao· 2017-09-06 17:36:07

Han Han school last week, the first day of school, Han Han grandmother came shortly after the U.S. could not wait to go to school after the grandson home, open the bag a look, found on pieces of paper and a big hand dice, homework? No What about textbooks? Either!

" (school manual dice)

"this can learn what &hellip ah, mom;" education and my sincere words and earnest wishes of your foolish mother, "Han Han learning snacks, his learning was so easy! "For example, and then she starts to domestic relatives of children," you look at the children started school sent a lot of books, a lot of homework home, this is the learning attitude of … "

Er, no work, no textbooks, the teacher taught us what school? I turned back to Han Han things, this turn does not matter, really found a new world!

, a job report Hanhan brought out a piece of closely written paper, he said it was his job report. On the first day of school, the teacher said to the students, "I want to give you a job, a total of 16 jobs, each only 2 places, so you want to make a report for …", then he gave each student a piece of paper, let the children write a work job the report came out, each person can only apply for 3 jobs, 1 of which only admitted!

I probably looked at the teacher provided work is very interesting: a

position is Technician, is a technician, this position is responsible for the processing technology of the class, such as the management of the class iPad in the classroom, computer maintenance, PPT technicians are living. This is absolutely the most fire position in the class, especially the super boys love, according to Han Han said, in the class for each of the boys, the competition is fierce … a

position is Patrol, is also the guard, the teacher said that there was a class because the school did not shut the doors and windows in the school some time ago, so the classroom lost a lot of things, so the guard duty is important to check whether the doors and windows every day, in addition to maintain class discipline, protect the safety of students. There is a

position is also very interesting, called Floor Squirrel (ground squirrel), although the name of this position is very cool, but in fact is responsible for the cleaning staff, dusting and cleaning board, clean the classroom, like busy squirrels, crawling, with fuzzy Pakistan to remove all dust tail, hence the name!

in addition to the above-mentioned 3 positions, there are Teacher, Assistant (TA), Librian (Librarian), Carrier (Ban Yungong), and so on, a total of 16.

I see Han Han job report, the little guy usually lazy, do not want to write a composition to write more, but the job report is mustering the strength to himself, because he wanted to fight for his dream job. A piece of paper are not enough for him to write, write over &hellip

; Han Han is the first choice of technicians, his application reason is: he is good at computer, has been a PPT in Google Doc on the last semester of writing with the WORD, email is used to finish the teacher operation, also used in maths, English online website, so I know the problems of computer use. In addition, he will use iPad programming, he can do, like Pokemon Crossy Road cool &hellip game;

second is volunteer guard, his reason is very strong, can protect the class, then very carefully, will remember to close the door and windows etc..

's last volunteer was a teaching assistant, and that's what he liked because he was good at his studies and especially liked math.

finally, teacher to each student's job report read, and then to the children for a job, to guard the open, although not when the technician, but the little guy is very happy to say, want to do something for the class, will cherish this job. For the first time, I felt a sense of responsibility and leadership from the doll!


gave me a hand Hanhan dice to see them making a big dice, a total of 6 faces, each of the contents are very interesting. Basically, there are two parts: one is to introduce yourself, the other is to understand the new students.

because many American schools are annually to group class, that is to say on a semester and this semester students are likely to be completely different, so there is a benefit, is for every student in the class are new students, we all want to start meet friends, this to them learn how to get along with people, how to introduce yourself, how to make friends is very good.

so the teacher ordered each student to make a dice. In the process of making the dice, the children could understand each other and improve their feelings.

1. introduces himself,

asks for a self portrait, and tells others what interesting things this bookshelf has done, and how it feels.

this one is self portrait,

guy said school he felt very sad, because he longed for freedom. Is school free? Well, I'll talk to him about that, &hellip.

, on the other hand, is about summer heat

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