Jobs theater aerial video released, iPhone8 born here

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ITzhijia· 2017-09-06 22:17:37

IT house September 6th news last week, Apple released an invitation to the iPhone8 conference, one of the most exciting is that the conference will be held in the new Steve Jobs theater. Now, foreign users Duncan Sinfield released the latest Apple ship headquarters aerial video, video of the Jobs theater was well displayed.

" from the video we can see clearly that the new headquarters of the landscaping and paving and other aspects of the work is still continuing, the headquarters there are still many engineering machinery. The most interesting part of the

video is the Steve Jobs theater, which will be held next week at Apple's iPhone 8 release event. However, the auditorium of the Steve Jobs theater itself is underground, so the video shows just the lobby. You can see a huge cylindrical glass wall, and it seems that some people are planning something, maybe the iPhone8 conference.


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