The genius of Harvard was ruined by the American government and became a terrorist only by Laden

Burns Harvard University Northwestern University California University Berkeley

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first appeared in works of Coldplay Laboratory Laboratory

WeChat ID:coollabs

micro signal Coldplay in a tiny shack

a person to the world war

led to the history of the largest manhunt

in the past twenty years

his homemade bomb killed innocent people's lives and even a threat to the whole country

his name is Ted Kasinski

he has another terrible Title

is called the "Unabomber"


"in May 25th the official debut of the Unabomber"

he sent a bottle with a bomb and smart express

to fill in false charge And a post office address of

due to the email address "is incorrect" so

courier was returned to the "sender"

, a professor of Northwestern University professor

's desk before returning to scratch a head in the

open their own never send a

he noticed that tips the lower right corner a naughty

: "maybe this is a bomb. "Professor

immediately called the campus police to package

with a bang, the office of the smoke

campus police were wounded in the left arm

bomb debris and shrapnel with the explosion of

into his body, causing irreversible damage to

": the scene of the explosion

Police College bombers carefully investigate the scene found

device is very simple

recovered from the scene of the explosion proof

investigators found bomb making materials are

matches, waste wood, old nails like

from chromium alloy scrap car to remove the branches produced by

and battery switch

switch off the bomb skin even with branches made of < /p>

Like the dump pieced together out of the soil they concluded that this bomb bomb

from a family workshop

police dispatched investigation for a few months, nothing

but ultimately the case settle a matter by leaving it unsettled nobody expected

this is just a parcel bomb series of terrorist attack case began in May 29th


of Northwestern University graduate

1979 years after being wounded in a parcel bomb the United States in November 15th

flight flight parcel explosion

1980 June 10th

United Airlines chairman Wood suffered multiple burns in May 5th


of the Vanderbilt University School of management of severe burn in July 2nd


of University of California at Berkeley Professor burns


similar incidents continue to repeat

some arm and half of his face was Blow up

or bomb buried in the body of

nails through the site of the explosion the most famous university in

, California University, Northwestern University, Yale University, University of Michigan,

… …

had never been a bomb attack

you feel shy say they are American elite

FBI so the mad bomber called


out of life but can not find clues to the law enforcement departments

busy panic opened 24 hours at

was the United States Attorney General

University bomb case as a "first priority"

of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI)

founded the Unabomber


on this side of the Unabomber It is careless of police's playing in

he sent bombs while

seemed to enjoy a confrontation with the police at the bus station Restroom

he picked up some fell on the floor of the

hair and put them in the interlayer of the bomb

will lead to the wrong direction of the investigation investigator

in the first bomber. The bomb fragments of the

task force found an important clue to a

with a "FC" signature pieces of metal

then he gave New York the Time sent a letter to

claims to be a terrorist organization FC

FC means (Freedom Club)

: FC

with metal iron he will send an address written in

The State Bureau of building address, FBI

headquarters and in the letter he said at FBI

FBI is a joke

FBI also can not catch the one thirty while we

even when he placed a bomb calmly let onlookers

come swaggeringly left the scene

police still can't catch

: Portrait of forensic

analysis expert witnesses left

also found a frightening trend

bombers over the years made bomb

more sophisticated use of

from the match head and smokeless powder to powder and sodium nitrate in the

chemical substances caused by bombs in 1/10000 seconds


< P> when the explosion air temperature up to 3800 degrees Celsius

the victim was violent bomb debris and gas directly hit the

disability or death

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