"Maternity jump off" highlights the Chinese style doctor-patient relationship: no responsibility, no love

Doctors jumping from buildings childbirth spontaneous labor

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at the end of the day, or the old problem of doctor-patient relationship Chinese

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patients in the hospital are jumping, what responsibility? According to the cases that can be searched online by the Chinese referee documents, such as the hospital's medical care system and the safety conditions are in conformity with the provisions, the hospital is not liable. The reason is simple, the hospital is not a prison, it is impossible for patients to apply for 24 hours imprisonment.

but there are several key issues that remain unclear in the event of a jump in the air, even if both sides present evidence.

first of all, the hospital in the implementation of cesarean section attitude, in the end what is it?

although the hospital announced the family members in the informed consent of the signature, but in most of the doctor-patient relationship, the hospital is in a dominant position. Therefore, when doctors allow patients and their families to sign, most people choose to obey. Moreover, from the consistency of two signature content, should be signed copy of the specified format.

look at the Nursing Records issued by the hospital. In August 31st, two hours before the incident, the record sheet described the patient as "sober", with no abnormalities in blood pressure, respiration, pulse, and fetal heart rate.

17 50, wrote in the description of observation and measure: the palace mouth nearly full, with extremely complex requirements, cesarean section, to give at the same time, psychological comfort, give the family a replacement. Families expressed understanding, refused to surgery, continue to observe.

18:05: the patient walks out of the labour room and is escorted back to the delivery room by the family members after being explained by the medical staff. Family members still refuse surgery, observation.

19:19: patients are still extremely complex, once again out of the delivery room, again by the medical staff after persuasion, still insist on maternal cesarean section, the family still refused surgery, and accompanied the women back to the delivery room. Listen to the fetal heart 138 / min, psychological comfort, observation.

, two of which are worth noting. A key expression is "the palace is close to the whole", and the other is "the patient is extremely out of joint."". The two critical statement speaks of the fact that the report was overlooked: the woman may have come to the last minute of natural childbirth, and she was "unable to hold on" at the last minute.

needs to make it clear that cesarean section has indications of its operation, not at any time during the birth process. As long as you want to, you can always push it in. Especially in the final stage of childbirth, the fetus has entered the birth canal, and the timing of the implementation of the cesarean section needs more professional judgment. Moreover, most of the hospital operation room, hospital sharing, cesarean section required operation room, anesthesiologist, do not want at any time.

the term used for women is "do not match"". Since the maternity requirement is cesarean section, then she certainly does not meet the hospital's natural labor requirements. If the hospital has the proposal of cesarean section, and the requirements of cesarean section, in any case, there will be no "do not match" description.

, and the hospital and the family's first exchange, described also peaceful and normal, "to the family once", "the family said that understanding" and so on. Although not explicitly recorded account of the direction of the hospital family, and family members expressed their understanding of the content, but according to the context, to be sure, this is not "confession": must be a caesarean section, or else risk; the families of understanding at the same time, and refused surgery. And probably is: the hospital said, will soon be born, and now it is not worthwhile to do surgery, the mother will be two times the crime, and the family understand, also refused to surgery.

from these are not difficult to find, the hospital after the event, and did not fully describe their entire role in the whole event. Even stressed that there have been cesarean section proposal, but the family does not agree, deliberately confused some of the facts.

hospital released surveillance video intention, also want to prove that the maternal repeated talk in the hall and families, and even kneeling posture, begged the family agreed to cesarean section, but did not agree, resulting in tragedy. But the family objected to this video, it is pointed out that women can not endure pain after the kneeling, rather than beg the consent of their families in cesarean section.

, because there is no sound in the video, can be established on either side of the phrase.

from the released video 18:05~18:16, two time 19:19~19:26, and no maternal communication with the family members rejected picture, nor between doctor and maternal family picture, health care, and maternal communication only, and family members in the side arm. And finally, the mother is also under the persuasion of the doctor, from the family support back. All these scenes are not in line with the family members, despite the suggestion that the hospital still strongly demands the description of the natural labor.

also has a problem that can not be ignored, if the pain of the pregnant woman, the doctor also recommended the implementation of cesarean section, and come forward to communicate with the people, whether it should be pregnant women themselves?

, of course, should be communicated and explained by the doctor rather than the patient himself. In the video above, the people who come out to communicate are women themselves.

hospital in the publication of the "maternal horse XX jumping events in the relevant information" also said: "during the production period, because of maternal."

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