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let 20 children's Secret talent shows itself as parents, you will have mastered the secret?

1, tolerant and warm tolerance of children,

even if the child made a mistake, but also to forgive him with a forgiving heart, with warm words to accommodate him. When a child is sure of his parents' approval and love, he will have confidence in himself, and his fortune will sprout.

2, a philosophy of education with faith,

fears that children fall behind others, forcing them to learn what they do not want to learn will weaken their will. The most important way to find the right education is to find a way to keep it up.

3, help children have dreams,

parents to help children have a specific future dream. Children have dreams, and to guide them to believe that this dream can be realized, this action will give children a positive motivation to develop themselves".

4, trust the child

, no matter what the child has dreams, should temporarily believe that the child can achieve this dream, mother constantly encourage the child in the process, the child will be surrounded by good luck growing up.

5, and guide children to have specific dreams,

have a dream, help them to this dream has a concrete outline, around this dream inspired his specific action. Don't leave a compulsive impression on your child.

6, mother is the assistant to study,

if want to let the child lucky, mother first set an example. Read with your child and have the experience you can share with your child.

7, patience is the most basic content,

do not nag, let the children do this, do that, to create a conscious change for the child environment, happy to wait for his change. Even if an occasional child does something inappropriate, let him alone.

8, the messenger of words,

mother will be a blessing to the children. Children who receive the blessing of words will have more opportunities than others. Opportunities are often associated with luck.


travel is a good way to teach children to travel by eye. By traveling, children develop self-reliance, tolerance, and challenging spirit.

10 is the best exercise for a child to judge

alone and let the child judge the situation directly before him. Even if you can't believe it, recognize the child's own decisions and encourage them.

11, let the children suffer a certain pain,

children feel pain, want to help their parents are the same mood. But parents can't take the road of their lives instead of children. Tell your child that life is all decided by itself.

12, eyes open,

set up a big dream, let the children grow up by dreams alone, in the process of growing up in the vast world, you can seize the best luck.

13, don't impose your parents' dreams on your children.

parents don't confuse greed and dreams. Don't forget that parents are just helpers for children to fulfill their dreams.

14, the development of children's social

, by a person and strength, never get happiness, success. Lack of social children can neither achieve success nor be happy.

15 sometimes challenges children to fail for

. Even if their children fail, they should be told that it is a mistake rather than a failure, and a child will develop his vision through failure.

16, those who know how to enjoy can succeed.

in order to realize his dream, he must experience pain and seek pleasure from pain. The key to success is how to enjoy and endure the difficult process.

17, the method of training children to prioritize,

sets the order of actions in training judgment. Since childhood, let children choose to play or study.

18, encouragement is more important than praise.

praise is only the result of evaluating what children do, but encouragement will increase children's will to do things better.

19, let the child frankly accept defeat,

if you have done your best, even if the failure, but also to meet the children.

20, summon the courage to pick up the pen

took the pen to the letter to the children want to say tell him whether letter or email never mind. Please look at

, you can try to give their own hit rate, if you can do more than 15, then congratulations, you are a good parent, if the result is not ideal, you'll have to make an effort.

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