Why was the woman awake to suicide on the five floor, but she could not decide on the operation she was going to have?

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" if a pregnant woman with a child not yet born falls dead, as a bystander you have what idea, which happened in recently. Exploded on the Internet, why did the maternal consciousness to can jump five floor but cannot decide Dutch act, to do the surgery? A time of overwhelming, it contains hidden secrets and the reasons behind what you give, home Jun analysis, take a look at this sad thing, the ~


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hated by both man and God ah.

was a very desperate news yesterday, called "Suide pregnant women in the hospital said the dead falls had three caesarean section were refused advice", is the maternal and her husband .

news says:

8 31, the maternal into the hospital to be produced. When the doctor for admission to the

color display of the baby's head is too large, the risk of vaginal delivery is relatively large, so the doctor in charge of many times to the maternal family to explain the situation, suggestions for cesarean section, but their families are explicitly rejected, insist on shrinkage of vaginal delivery to oxytocin induced.

is not a verbal statement without any proof evidence, records, the book is clearly written in , the hospital has confessed to the patients and their families, if not Caesarean termination of pregnancy, the consequences may occur, the consequences to write a full half page.

family refused to sign, and in the "notice" on the puerpera's

"vaginal delivery, understanding the accident"

"requirements of intravenous infusion of oxytocin, the above understanding the accident"

" is an established fact, put it down in black and white write very clearly:

understanding of the families of accident, insist on delivery. Although

family members said after the event:

they are also beginning to do, but then saw the maternal pain is not agreed, caesarean section , but the doctor said at birth, cesarean section does not need .

results, after an hour, the pregnant woman disappeared, and so on when she saw the mother, the mother has died.

statement extension strong husband but the hospital's argument is completely different, the hospital said.

at 17:50 in the afternoon, the women really can not stand the pain, the medical staff to request caesarean section, medical staff to seek advice from their families, family said it understood, but refused to surgery, continue to observe.

later, two times out of the maternal ward, expressed pain to the family member, asked caesarean section, have been rejected.

according to the latest news, the hospital Yang transferred surveillance video, said the girl even kneel down to the family, the family does not agree. The girl

poor ah, we later see the surveillance video is very sad, his daughter-in-law, the girl out of the ward, (to the family) kneeling in front of you, family members do not agree .

" three strong requirements section, even kneel, were rejected, just like a field of all pregnant women huge terrorist disaster film.

so late 8, women from the hospital five floor falls Dutch act. Before the medical staff said, I heard the mother said, "I did not expect the wrong choice.". "

you ask me which side believe that it is the hospital , every word after all hospitals say have evidence, a husband wrote" accident put it down in black and white "understanding, video surveillance, a pregnant girl kneeling on the cold ground, and everyone is she looked indifferent.

but perhaps because it is too sad, perhaps related to media think that discussion too serious, no topic, most of the media, the public discussion of the key words that are "marry a dog", "slag male", "idiot families, but forgot to think about two things:

" why sane patients unable to decide what he wants to do surgery? What should


do? Who should have the final say? "

2007 "in the afternoon of November 21st, 41 weeks pregnant 22 year old girl Li Liyun due to dystocia in Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, in emergency consultation, the hospital said to do an emergency caesarean operation to her house, so also may save the patient's life and.

but at that time the hospital thought it was Li Liyun's husband , but in fact she was only living with her boyfriend, accompanied by the "family", Xiao Zhijun, , because they can not afford medical treatment

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