Between husband and wife do not know these, sooner or later divorced, take a look at it!

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, how can a lifetime achievement?

one, man's five big needs:

1, being understood;

2, being trusted;

3; being supported;

4; being approved;

5; respected.

two, women's three major requirements:

1, security,

2, romance,

3, being hurt and being coaxed.

three, between husband and wife can not be separated from the three major issues:

1, economic issues;

2, sexual problems;

3; communication problems. Between

four and the couple's three little: the change of

1, more attention to each other;

2, find the advantages of others;

3, speak positive words;

4, complain less;

5, less

6, less blame; misunderstanding.

", five couples everywhere:

1, how good to each other;

2, appreciate each other's strengths;

3, difficulty understanding each other;

4, inclusive of each other.

six, the couple with four words:

1, I'm sorry, I was wrong;

2, I believe you;

3, I am proud of you proud;

4, I love you.

seven, husband and wife together four common:

1, common life goal;

2, common living environment;

3, common life topic;

4, common life friends. The

family had no right or wrong, and not only, and to everything! Home is a place of love, not a place of reason.


men should have 19 self-cultivation,

1, playing anything, do not beat women. Hit, you are not a man, a man will not care with weak women.

2, if you like your son, she has a daughter. Remember, it wasn't her fault. The medical man knew it was the man's decision, not the woman's.. Love your children.

3, learn to help women with housework. A home is just lying on the couch waiting for my wife to dinner man, will allow the marriage of light than white boiling water also tasteless.

4, if you love someone, please take care of her tenderly. If you don't love her, please say so. Women are silly, and from the moment she falls in love with you, she pays her body and soul. But be careful with this kind of complaint, and end up being ruined by your self satisfaction and not willing to take responsibility for your life.

5, take good care of what you have now.

6, you work too hard, but making a phone call to your beloved wife doesn't take you too long or kill you.

7, women are used for pain. If you are not sure that a woman is happy, please say her love to her.

8, women make up, it's none of your business. Even if the makeup to open your eyes, also want to smile to give you advice, but not with disgust.

9, the woman asks what you want to eat, do not say casually. Tell him you like to eat something she does, so that you can not only eat delicious, but also get a lot of gentleness and smile.

10, a woman is going out on a date. Please say to her, "go, have fun, call me when you finish, and I'll pick you up.".

11, don't think that every woman is cheeseparer. You earn a lot of money, but there are plenty of women in the world who can support themselves.

12, remember to call her home, not she.

you think, elderly people will keep the decades of daughter to marry you, cook and clean for you, for you, for your children, do you do for your wife, the mother of your children for you, do your home for your daughter-in-law, she will play many roles, not very hard! That's your big fortune, you can do it.

so you are the biggest thanks to her, the greatest comfort and encouragement to her family a little better, you can use the mouth to say a few words to coax them, and your wife happy you will die?

13, remember her birthday, the woman is the most valued birthday anniversary, what, a year do you serve her one or two day again? She doesn't need your expensive gifts, though it's simple and cheap, as long as you have that heart.

14, don't think it's boring to send flowers on Valentine's day. Not every day to send you, looking for such a silly excuse for what?

15" and "fixed time" to accompany her. You work for life, then she should be the most important part of your life.

16, walk with her hand. Two people walk, not in order to let others see, is to two people feel happy. Ten fingers grip is happiness.

17 and manly are really attractive. But don't become a shirt and coat for a long time, and eventually become sweaty.

18, the woman for Yue own person. If she loves dressing up, you should be happy. There's no outfit to wear. How do you make her feel good? Besides, you really love

19, yellow face like her?,

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