U. S. customs "repatriation" Chinese students: you can no longer enter the United States

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renliziyuanguanli· 2017-09-07 05:34:46

" recently, one is in the United States at the third, from Hunan China students, by the airport customs officers detained, and asked after the expulsion. Study the student guardian agency

later told the parents, because she "substitute" to help students in the last semester, professors reported to the supervisory institution, and the school of information and immigration has been realized through the Internet information exchange.

customs has the right to implement the "repatriation", and there has been an embarrassing scene at the beginning of the article.

the reason why it is difficult to say "academic integrity" problem.

today, the United States has banned all SAT testing sites in Asia in order to avoid such problems.

Chinese students have already eaten a lot of money for it. Unfortunately, such problems are frequently staged.

in the last month, an American university professor of philosophy to a China students wrote a letter, "this letter from the letter" caused an uproar on the internet.

, the latter, was a graduate student who was interviewed and accepted by the Chinese professor.

after a month, let's look back at the incident and see if we can get a rethink.

, the professor admitted that such a result was a common failure. Professor

says postgraduate training is a professor of very precious resources in the United States, western popular culture study environment, the creation of the comparative study of the east west project is involved in this research project, after a total of 11 graduate students.

the occurrence of this incident means that the eleventh works carefully nurtured are declared to be scrapped.

the professor continued on students' individual development, academic research and education environment China issued a more profound torture:

relative to the United States "simply for education gold, and professor of good relations and got the degree abroad, to get a good job".

the American university wants graduate students to have the basic principles of life and learning, respecting knowledge and loving truth.

dares to speak the truth, to seek knowledge and to explore is the beginning of learning, and also the reason why professors give degrees to students. The degree is not for trading. The

occupation without distinction or distinction, find more important direction for their own development, interpersonal skills and business skills in business and career advantage.

academic research just pays special attention to other qualities - integrity, integrity and sureness.

for the knowledge of people, really smart and I need to know that my ignorance ", and opportunistic smatter to complete the course, is not feasible. Learning to explain "Professor

letter, is the accumulation of bit by bit, based on the work of others, through the front of people do not know the weeds, careful analysis;

with reasonable torture yourself, then

forward, torture their ancestors; carefully put a small new stone, let later on, do not fall down.

that's why Wittgenstein will be able to think clearly as a moral question. You love to talk, and you always talk. But you rarely tell the problem clearly.

in learning, "all you can say, you speak clearly, and what you cannot say is silent." (Wittgenstein, Tractatus). "

" for "plagiarism, the professor said he wanted to bring students to comfort the attitude of a sentence to apologize, but get to complain again and again it is not plagiarism", also asked the professor to understand her. In a letter to Professor

said "do you want me to accept that this is not plagiarism," you are a professor, you also openly with you deceive yourself, it is the biggest joke in the world. "

, the professor critically points out such a result is not just a student's responsibility alone, this" split personality "is the symptom of product defects education system, it is the responsibility of the community.

" is the letter from the other side of the ocean, it is not only a letter to a student's dismissal letter ", is a Chinese professor in a foreign academic background, thinking of a atmosphere of academic education system, China and sigh.

between the lines of the article, all revealed the professor of academic rigor, rigorous style of study, respect for knowledge and truth, as well as individuals on the Chinese education physique distressed.

previously, a U.S. study abroad agency has released "2016 white paper" in the present situation of students leaving China, according to incomplete statistics, because the academic integrity of American university students Chinese persuaded more than 32.5% academic dishonesty as Chinese students are second major reasons for discouraging, after the academic performance of unqualified. Look at the academic integrity of

, there are two reasons:

one, because of language ability, students sometimes have to borrow English statement more accurate to express their views, which in our opinion may not be copied, but if no quotes, plagiarism is suspected in the United states.

, in the final analysis, is the country

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