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Qualcomm Vice President: fingerprint screen will become standard

Qualcomm Xiaolong smart phones ultrasound

ITzhijia· 2017-09-07 06:34:23

TechRadar according to foreign media reports, Qualcomm networking business senior vice president Raj Talluri said in an interview that the high screen fingerprint recognition technology will be officially put into use, and most will be the flagship mobile phone.

Talluri said, the fingerprint sensor placed on the bottom of the screen is not an easy thing, Qualcomm team also needs some time to complete the development of related design work, but he also said that there are more mainstream devices using the screen design of the fingerprint things are optimistic about next year.

Talluri said that at present the fingerprint recognition technology is still in the screen from concept to production stage, they found that the fingerprint sensor must penetrate different material parameters will be different, Qualcomm's goal is to make the technology can be applied to all materials.

Talluri believes that this technology can be applied in the next year, this also means that the next release of several flagship mobile phone millet 7, Samsung Galaxy S9, LG G7 and HTC U12 are likely to use fingerprint recognition technology under the screen, for the development of intelligent mobile phone fingerprint recognition technology that is a huge breakthrough.

as early as in 2015, Qualcomm Corp announced its own ultrasonic dragon Sense ID 3D fingerprint technology, this technology can be carried out through metal and glass fingerprint identification. In June this year, Qualcomm Xiaolong in the 2017 World Mobile Congress announced the launch of the next generation of ultrasonic fingerprint solutions, Qualcomm fingerprint sensors.

we also saw a prototype Vivo mobile phone using a fingerprint design at the MWC conference. Let's look forward to the first consumer smart phone using this technology to enter the market.

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