Let's keep it for 8 days! The longest vacation in history is here! And the news

VR6 national day L7 Beijing

doushishibaodeng· 2017-09-07 07:48:12

According to the circular issued by the general office of the Beijing municipal government yesterday, the Mid-Autumn Festival and national day are held for 8 days this year, according to the announcement of the municipal government.

notice of the general office of the State Council pointed out that according to the spirit of the notice of the 2017 Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday arrangement as follows: October 1st (Sunday) to October 8th (Sunday) vacation days off, a total of 8 days. Work on September 30th (Saturday).

, the eleven

, is known as the longest vacation in 2017 -

, 8 days off! In October, only 17 days class, "

", "id_imagebox_1", a lot of people whining, "

, this year's vacation is less,"

, "really less?"

we do a simple arithmetic!
for September 30th (Saturday) normal work,
so 8 days holiday first minus 1 days equal to 7 days, during the
and holiday, and 3 days of the holiday weekend,
7 -3 days =4 days, i.e. the real number of days for 4 days.
friends, National Day holiday for 3 days, 1 day Mid Autumn Festival holiday.
3 +1 days =4 days
don't owe us!
but holiday less is true.
so, national day, Mid Autumn Festival holiday is obviously a
good news!!!

super fake fight Raiders will give you

a variety of choices for you oh hi ~

" I see a fake fake fight Raiders

" if there is no money out

you may consider to make money in the long vacation

overtime this is arguably

, statutory holidays overtime wages three times this year, that it can not take six times the

national day and Mid Autumn Festival "double combination of

triggered netizens a series of brain hole

is it really?

and! No Is!

overtime and leave and not because of the overlapping double double!

10 - 1 July October 3rd National Day statutory holidays, overtime wages according to 300%.

- 10 4 is the Mid Autumn Festival holidays, overtime wages according to 300%. In October 5th October 6th,

is off, and no overtime Bujia, calculated according to 200% the rest day overtime wages.

- 10 on Sept. 7, October 8th is Saturday, Sunday, and no time off work overtime, holidays overtime wages in accordance with 200%.

is worth mentioning is that the rest day overtime, is to arrange time off or pay overtime and decisions in the enterprise, employees do not have the right to choose.



with the view of several news this month, hot days for Nanchang people back

this is a good news for

until late September

we finally bid farewell to the days of high temperature

national imagine it cool in ~

2017 years only after 1/3 years of the last 1/3


has quietly started the

00" immediately after the

< p> to

in the world In September 1999 /2000 child


92 boy and a girl of 94 years

are late!

" and your feelings through

↓ ↓ ↓

" can only rely on Mobile phone and a good

against this stressful life

so based on the above, the future is so

teenager, eleven work overtime together ah

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Let's keep it for 8 days! The longest vacation in history is here! And the news

Let's keep it for 8 days! The longest vacation in history is here! And the news