What exactly does pregnant mother do before going to bed?

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weekend and several Mommy chat when talking to bedtime habits during pregnancy, a prospective mother has generally said "drink milk! Hot bath!" this Xiaobian exclaimed: why Mommy, before going to bed to do these things together? Xiaobian look!

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1, a hot bath comfortable

lot of Mommy after dinner, take a walk, do some exercises for pregnant women love to help digestion. Then, after a little exercise, then take a hot bath. A quasi Mommy said, it is "happy"!

they will usually water to an appropriate degree, from the top down, gently rinse, can not only wash away dirt, eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation, but also the effective interaction and fetal!

< p> after the bath, then pregnancy cream in the stomach, thighs and other easy long pregnancy, keep skin refreshing and moist, not only feel comfortable, but also the prevention of pregnancy.

" recommended products: Palmer's pregnancy cream, product main ingredients for natural cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E, can improve skin elasticity Mommy, prevent pregnant skin texture extension.

2", "drink a glass of sedative milk", "

", "calcium" and "mother", the importance of the fetus is self-evident. If the mother calcium deficiency, it will not only affect the baby's growth and development, but also prone to calf cramps, loose teeth and other symptoms of hypocalcemia. Therefore, the prospective mothers, calcium will also be regarded as one of the homework.

relative to other times, drink milk before going to bed, the absorption effect is the best. Therefore, Mommy drink a cup of milk before bed, to prevent joint pain, leg cramps, midnight situation,

addition, milk and sedative hypnotic effect, drink a cup of milk before bed can help, I sleep better.

" recommended products: Mead Johnson infant and mother A+ milk of pregnant women, using DHA 360° TM formula, Jiyeon; rich DHA, folic acid, calcium, iron, zinc and other nutrients, help babies' all-round development. Meanwhile, a new addition of inulin to help expectant mothers maintain bowel health.

3, easily let mother more calm

fetal education many expectant mother said, if you too excited, or too tight, not too easy to fall asleep; on the contrary, listen to a song of soothing music, maintain a pleasant relaxed mood, sleep better.

on the fetus, to around 20 weeks of pregnancy, hearing and sight their nervous system will continue to develop, mommy baby in bed singing, talking, can also give good fetal stimulation.

" recommended products: aolym fetal education instrument, not only has a large number of Ancient Chinese Literature Search knowledge and help the baby fetal education music, edify sentiment, there is a wealth of knowledge during pregnancy, as mothers ready to greet the new life. More sensitive

4, wear comfortable clothes to sleep

mommy's body, the material is too poor or too tight clothes, will affect the comfort of Mommy, if wearing night clothes do not fit to sleep, even affect the quality of sleep.

therefore, choose good quality underwear, pajamas, and bedding, but also an important guarantee of good sleep Oh Mommy! "

" recommended products: cotton underwear products can be used for pregnant women, the waist, to meet the needs of different stages of pregnant women, waist design. To protect the waist, not cold. The side seam forward, Mommy sideways sleeping more comfortable. In fact, in addition to

, Xiaobian mentioned the 4 things, and some pregnant women love open night light, before going to bed to comb your hair, or listen to a few jokes, these are a good way to relax decompression, Mommy, what is your exclusive tips?

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