Nana Ouyang spit in the hands of the staff was not a lot of health

In Japan Ouyang staff gastroenteritis

fenghuangyule· 2016-05-11 09:02:03

Ouyang Nana to the front of the publicity in Japan, had a cold, according to reports, she recorded programs to play the cello, preparation time is 2 minutes of commercials, she suspected ill spot even spit three, in the hands of the working people all vomit, so just let a note etiquette health of Japanese scared dumbfounded. < p > in this regard, Ouyang Nana's mother Fu Juan later said she was to suffer from gastrointestinal type cold, but the magazine was directed medical and not the disease, only the "viral gastroenteritis, and a claiming to be living in the Japanese people also said, her this kind of behavior will be criticism of the Ministry of health, the health units), examples of local senior singer Kitajima Miro in the flu during are independent at home, isolated, and cancel all performances, and many netizens also bluntly health management is a part of artists dedicated, but there are also people she intercedes for that her age gently very innocent, should be more behind their own people, not geared rebuke.

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