Uncle to keep two small fresh meat, a night to steal more than a construction site dormitory

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Modern Express News (correspondent Yang Weibin, Zhu Tianxuan, reporter Tao Weizhou) recently, Nanjing Taiping North Road area of residential quarters frequently stolen. Nanjing Xuanwu police investigation after the suspect was arrested, a more than 40 year old uncle, he was the cause of theft surprising. Originally, uncle is a gay, he "Nurturing" two "small meat", money is not enough to spend, then do the theft of activities.

not long ago, Nanjing Public Security Bureau Xuanwu Plum Village policing service station received several workers families alarm against theft, said. They are reflected, they lived in a dormitory site, the night before the wearing of jewelry taken down on the pillow to sleep, but the second day in the morning woke up and found, on the pillow cash and jewelry take wings to itself. An alarm told police, "it is likely to sleep at night when the door is not locked, the thief came in, drilled loopholes."". After the scene count, stolen by thieves, cash, bracelets and necklaces, the total value of more than 2000 yuan.

Modern Express reporter learned that, by monitoring police found the suspect in the site after leaving here, a route north to south, along the road into the site will be one by one. Police visited these sites one after another found that the workers' quarters have also occurred property theft cases, stolen property has cash, mobile phones and some gold and silver jewelry, involving thousands of dollars worth. "This series of cases is likely to be the same person.". "Police judgment.

through the investigation visits, the police find out the suspect, and arrested him by squatting. Suspects in the body, police seized two gold necklaces, in their home, then found the stolen mobile phones, silver bracelets and other items. In the face of solid evidence, the suspect confessed his crime.

Modern Express reporter learned that the suspect surnamed fan, more than 40 years old this year, has no fixed occupation. Fan explained that he knew that the building site dormitory is often temporary room building, most of the doors are not locked. Moreover, migrant workers at the construction site worked very hard during the day. At night, they slept very hard because of their fatigue. So every night around midnight, fan will come to the site, "every door will push aside to see if there is anything valuable inside.". "Fan said.

in the fan was controlled by the police, there are two "little meat" has been sent text messages asked fan, "why not return information?"". Originally, this is fan's theft motive. Fan told the police frankly that he had homosexual tendencies, and this was his two boyfriend, who was just 20 years old. In order to support two boyfriend's basic necessities of life, he has been able to steal the activity.

currently, fan on suspicion of theft has been Xuanwu police detention, the case is still under further investigation. Plum village police station police Ding Zuren told reporters that the site of the dormitory is a high incidence of theft cases. On the one hand, the workers awareness is not strong, on the other hand, there has been a lack of dormitory site personnel status, access to the site of the staff is the door unlocked and the dragons and fishes jumbled together, and this is equivalent to give the thief a chance.

after the incident, the police have contacted the person in charge of the site, to strengthen their defense, to migrant workers dormitory prevention measures, and strengthening inspection and security efforts on the site, the site staff to check the identity of unidentified persons are not allowed to enter the dormitory area of migrant workers. At the same time, the site leader also regularly publicize safety prevention knowledge, and enhance the safety awareness of migrant workers, develop closed doors locked doors and windows habits, try not to put cash and valuables in the dormitory.

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