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9 in Nandu on Sept. 5, super topic around # magneto # the micro-blog on the amount of reading more than 10 million, two fans had a positive price battle.

is a fan of marvel, the king of magneto. The group's favorite magneto king was a super villain created by Marvel comics in 1963. His debut in the X X-Men first (September 1963) was the X's worst rival.

he has the ability to control the magnetic field of the earth can be controlled by the side of the metal free Liaodao opponents.

, who has been with Professor X for many years, has broken up with Professor X for human reasons and created the mutant brotherhood.

has experienced the cruelty of World War II and the frenzied attacks by humans on mutant humans, which has made magnetic Wang extremely hated by humans and has repeatedly fought against the super hero team, such as the X, the Avengers, and the other.

" with the establishment of the marvel movie world, magneto and the hero role through the strength of two actor - Ian McLean and the interpretation of the more popular method of shark.

, another fan, is a loyal follower of "rapper PG ONE" in "China's hip-hop".

fans often call PG One for tens of thousands of skins, and because PG ONE himself surnamed Wang, plus he had mentioned in the lyrics that he was called "magnetic king", so he also has "magnetic king" title.

" with "China have" hip hop fire explosion, PIG ONE bursting with popularity, "magneto" also followed him. Even the Baidu Encyclopedia of "magnetic Wang", also from a single "diffuse" role to explain, into the PIG ONE led personal profile, "Wai Wei" role has become one of the "polysemy" items.

" but the hurt topic of this super Marvel powder is # magneto # was to seize the hip-hop fans.

at first, they just discovered that an extra PG ONE fan, a super topic host, got a lot of other people's powder talking about people they didn't know.

and ultimately upgrade tear forced wars Marvel powder found # magneto # this super topic posts are all empty, after all about the essence of Wang Weiwan diffuse magnetic picture video! No See! The! The

seized the # magneto # super topic PG ONE ultra words host, and even out of the provisions of a bully, said PG ONE of the content is only allowed to discuss this topic # magneto # under. ↓ ↓ ↓

" that let Weiwan diffuse magnetic King fans completely fryer!

believes micro-blog removed all have seen a super topic, is Shuangjing (##) put the topic mark up, let people see the topic into their own posts, convenient deployment of a group of people on the topic of discussion.

but it takes a certain number of posts, a certain amount of attention, a certain amount of reference, and reading to upgrade the general topic to a super topic.

in other words, marvel powder to manage # magneto # topic words, in order to get super subject qualification.

" and "empty", "powder" before the effort can be said to have all been wasted.

, therefore, began to tear the malicious hand to clean up traces of past words of the host.

PG ONE has also been verbally ridiculed by the king of the magneto, reason to see really Marvel powder to male and female tears --

never thought that Marvel powder combat is not limited to write scripts -- the main posts "irony watercress Bai Jingting girlfriend" PO to the Disney company (Marvel was acquired by Disney) issued a report infringement letters.

", and then Disney replied, saying three days to give an answer.

, why is Disney taking care of this?

first of all, Wei Wei fans found that "magnetic king" this title, in fact, as early as 2007, registered in the country has become a trademark, dedicated until 2020. This means that non copyright parties are not allowed to use this appellation for commercial activities.

", and secondly, "PG" ONE has already launched commercial activities with the name "magnetic king"
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