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ITzhijia· 2016-05-11 09:05:52

< p > last night (May 10), glory in Beijing Phoenix International Media Center officially released its V series first new machine - Glory V8, V Series in the glory of the family is located in ultimate technology, so you can see the glory of the V8 virtually integrated with Huawei is currently a variety of trendy configuration and function, for the first time using the 2K resolution screens, native support for VR, full of surprise at the same time also makes glory V8 price rise, top distribution version of the price has reached 2799 yuan. Appearance of

glory V8 uses a dark packaging, and had the same P8, V8 is also in the vertical way placed in the box; dual camera

the top of the

"IT get the glory of V8 or the engineering prototype, the label on the back of the content is either" XXX "or blank......" img_box "id="

" because the packing box can be folded into VR glasses, so the shape is also very unique, do not readily throw away;

"vertically placed in a box of V8


" on the top of the right side from left to right front camera, light / distance sensor, the receiver, in front of a camera on the left behind LED notification lights; "img_box"

" list "box folded VR glasses, the actual processing is very simple; have a certain thickness of

"2.5D front glass, at the edge of the moist feeling is obvious, chin only glory brand Logo;

top from left to right, the infrared sensor noise canceling microphone Transmission hole and 3.5mm headset interface;

glory V8 machine one-piece metal body, the upper and lower ends of the antenna injection, the top of the camera position of the cover is made of glass, with striped patterns;

" right "body from top to bottom is the power button and volume keys, keys of wisdom (for wake voice assistant, screenshots or extinguished screen snapshot, support custom);

glory V8 card slot design, support and put two Nano SIM or a Nano SIM+ 128GB maximum capacity memory card;

" at the bottom of the use of symmetry type design, the middle is USB Type-C interface;

"on the screen surrounded by a circle of plastic protective frame radian is arranged reasonably, sliding to the edge of the screen will not scratch the hands, rubbed my hand;

[im G24]

glory V8 uses a fingerprint identification method on the back;

glory V8 dual camera part of the unified decoration, and not two separate camera, depth of field / contrast / laser hybrid AF;

V8" degree "high surface sandblasted airframe integration, fine enough;

reference that simply folded into the glory of VR glasses;

comes with two boxes of accessories, which is a box of lenses and a nose support part VR glasses; the other part is the charging head and the data line;

"Rong Yao V8 attached fast charge, support 5V/2A or 9V/2A output;

"on the nose support part of the rubber pad installation;

" with the lens ", a plastic bulge at the edge, may be convenient and rubber frame combination and the installation of the cardboard glasses;

[amplification effect" lens;

glory V8 video applications, the relevant program resources by Youku, click the play after the mobile phone into the VR glasses can;

5.7 inches 2K resolution screen finesse is really good feeling when using VR;

" on the screen lit effect;

" on the actual frame width List;

is glory V8 preliminary out of the box, it also will be in the follow-up for everyone to bring glory V8 complete experience and evaluation of content, for this glorious V8, you have what want to understand the content can be in the back of the comments tell us.

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