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leikeji· 2017-09-07 22:03:36

next Wednesday at 1 a.m., Apple's new fall conference will be held at the new headquarters, Jobs theatre, which will officially release the new iPhone. As the release date approaches, more and more information is being exposed.

IanFrancisco Post Bar recently, netizens exposed Foxconn production schedule internal meeting photos and videos. The PPT in the photo, printed with Hon Hai group and Foxconn's logo, has a higher credibility.

PPT, released in September 2017 iPhone production plan mainly includes: 2017 Cyclops (machine code) forecast, including Longhua, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, distribution and other areas; delay analysis of DVT - Mesa mobile location and FA facilities; demand; the process of CNC and challenging etc..

", and Mesa here need special attention to the extension of DVT and the translocation of a.. The DVT refers to the design validation test, is an indispensable link in factories, mainly used to verify the product mould and appearance. and Mesa is the Touch-ID code name, and the Mesa translocation indicates that the fingerprint position of the new iPhone is not really positive.

PPT said that Cyclops's DVT was delayed, and that was primarily concerned with Touch-ID repositioning and water repellency, and that was aiming to resume progress in August. Due to FA analysis, Cyclops's DVT relative schedule is delayed by 5 weeks.

" from the two key PPT can be seen, the 10th anniversary anniversary iPhone fingerprint is there, but do not determine the location on the front bottom, then there are only two possibilities: side and back, the possibility of post fingerprint is larger, because before exposed spy . At the same time, it also overturns rumors that Apple will replace fingerprint identification with facial recognition.

" is worth mentioning, recently, there is news that, in 2017, iPhone's name may change. The original iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus allegedly officially named iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, while the 10th anniversary edition of iPhone might be called iPhone X. However, the great God @evleaks through the packaging confirmed from the side, perhaps the 10th Anniversary Edition will eventually call it iPhone 8.

the iPhone behind the fingerprint, do you still have love?

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