The family name was called "King glory", and the family stood up and made a sound

Children kings glory games survival of the Jedi

youxiputao· 2017-09-08 05:11:04

Hello, everyone. This is a serious game. I'm a serious brother.

, a Xi'an born not long after the female baby popular in the network, so the fire, because the parents gave her a "king of glory" name, and has a normal account.

users questioned the authenticity of the information, then, from the Xi'an Municipal Public Security Bureau Bureau East Metro Symphony Bridge police station a staff on duty said that as long as the child is willing to give parents the child named king of glory ", police have no right to interfere, will give the child on the account in accordance with the birth certificate.

why do parents give their children such a name?

a reporter linked to the children of the family, the child's mother told reporters that her husband engaged in IT work in Xi'an, the name is "king of glory" that game (King of glory) the child's nickname was "glory".

, the mother of the child has no objection to the name, and the grandmother and grandmother feel nothing special, just a name.

" I have said, although is IT man for the child to take this name does not violate the law and the family did not feel no ground for blame, what is wrong, but if the parents love to play "Jedi"...... I don't know what you think of it

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