The four characters of the baby are deadly"! Be sure to get rid of it before you are 3!

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" as the saying goes: the 3 year old big, 7 year old look old, 3-6 years old, usually called "wet cement", is the most important stage of child personality shaping the child 85%-90% character, ideal and way of life are formed in this period of time. Children who want to be a character need parental attention and training.

3 years old is the important period of transition in the child's physical and mental development, once missed this age, children's character weakness is hard to change, the idiom "a leopard cannot change" that is the truth.

if the child appears shy, bad temper, not gregarious personality characteristics, parents need to play extremely spirit, because these potential character code are likely to make your child into a non grata! How does

make the baby a cheerful, optimistic and sociable baby? The following guide baby character shaping method, please parents must help the child before the age of 3 to correct it.


many shy shy children's parents have such experience, when at home, his voice Hong bright, dancing, song and dance, but once to the stranger, the child is like a changed man.

in fact, shy children are not always shy, and their shyness is mostly in the unfamiliar environment or in front of strangers.

shy children are usually quiet and obey the rules. But it can not be recognized, shy child to strange environment and things feel nervous and fear, their "safe area" small, thus adapt slowly, spending a long time; because love fight, often will lose a lot of opportunities; more importantly, shy child is prone to inferiority, which cast doubt on self image...... These are all parents need to pay attention to. Improved


shy child must first know yourself and not as "out of the ordinary", compared to those who were active partner in front of the public, he just needs more time to enter the state.

although he is willing to play outside, but do not want others to "watch" him, the "Spotlight" under the feeling, it can only make him more uncomfortable.

he must know that in some cases, how to gain and hold their own rights; the specific methods and skills he needs to know the public performance, these methods require parents to teach and guide a veteran in battle.


a bad temper mother described her troubles:

I am 3 year old child often big temper. When he does not want to do something, he will cry on the floor and make a big noise. So I was reluctant to take him out because he often lost his temper.

every time he lost his temper, scold, abuse, coax, method and other kinds of lessons, I have tried, although he can suppress "down at the time, but this kind of thing happened again, I was exhausted. "

EQ (EQ) determines the success of a person to a 80% degree. The most important part of emotional intelligence is emotional management. Emotional control is something that requires parents to spend a lot of thought on their education.

parents need to keep in mind that if a child has an irrational purpose by losing his temper, he will lose his temper and use it again and again and in three place.

everyone will be angry, sad, frustrated and disappointed. Screaming and rolling on the ground, crying, throwing things, kicking is bad emotional expression, but not health.

parents need to convey a message to their children: anger can be, but it is not acceptable to vent your anger in a negative, angry, or hurt way.

in the special children's EQ training institutions, the healthy emotional expression method has been strongly advocated. "Safe vent island", "emotional dustbin", "balloon exercise" and so on are widely used.

when children are very angry, parents can use a similar approach at home to divert and temper their children's anger.


"I can't"

"I can't hear the children say mom and dad are most worried. A shrinking child makes people feel depressed. To this end, parents often use a variety of praise and encouragement of the way, the child is still "I can not", "I do not go", "can not do" is often hung in the mouth.

research found that children's frustration tolerance is weak, but it is the result of family misuse of "appreciation education". Many parents (old man) in order to encourage children, using the "awesome" "smart" Guazaizuibian, a little well praised.

, however, the information gained by children outside is a great contrast. Not only are you not the best, but in some ways you are far from yourself. Confidence has plummeted since then.

experience education is often more profound than language education. Too much attention is another reason for the weak endurance of setbacks.

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