How to cultivate the baby's brave quality?

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parents want their children to have the quality of bravery, but some children they are very small. For example, some of the children when their parents are not around when they feel afraid, some children are afraid of the dark, some children are afraid of "ghosts" etc.. For a long time, this will affect the child's personality development, lack of independence, and even lead to certain psychological disorders and personality disorders.

some parents tend to reprimand their children in such situations, saying that children are "cowards" and even punish them, which can cause great harm to children's self-esteem. This not only can not change the child's timid situation, but may make the child's fear of aggravating. A child psychologist said: "the causes of fear in children are the same as in adults. The key problem is that adults know how to cope with fear, while the children do not yet know it.". "Therefore, parents should observe carefully, find out the causes of their fears, and help them eliminate their fears, so as to train children's self-confidence and courage. This should proceed from the following aspects.

" do not force children to deny that they feel afraid of things and conceal their fear

psychologists believe that only when a child feel you admit their fears is the objective existence, he will believe you to lift his fear of the interpretation. Parents should be right about what their children are afraid of. A very effective way is to teach children about something. If some children are afraid of cats, dogs and other small animals, parents can tell children a little about these animals, and tell them that these animals will not hurt people, but to learn how to get along with it. This will help children strengthen their sense of security. Pay attention to the example of the power of

parents of children especially love to imitate their parents, thus, parenting role a great impact on children, parents should be with their fearless image to affect children. In addition, parents should frankly admit that they have been afraid of something, but now they are no longer afraid of it. In this way, the child will understand that he is not the only person in the world who is afraid of these things. He knows from you that these things are not so terrible, they can be conquered, and fear will be overcome.

according to the child's way to eliminate their fear of

children from the comic book of fairy tales and know the ghosts, so afraid of ghosts, then give them the materialism is useless. The effective way is to tell the child that he is a brave boy. When he is in the house, ghosts do not dare to run in, or ghosts are afraid of good children. In this way, the child will easily accept your words and eliminate fear.

understand the child really afraid of things

children often not to hide their real fear. Some children, for example, are always crying when their parents are out, not letting their parents go out, but in fact, he is afraid of staying alone in the house. Therefore, we should carefully observe the children's daily behavior, understand the things he is really afraid of, and then remedy the case to solve.

attention to children's independence from childhood, and establish their self-confidence.

should encourage children to face their own difficulties and overcome their dependence, so that they feel their abilities and have the means to cope with problems and difficulties they have encountered. Don't take too much care of your children. Trust that they can do so many things that we think they can't do.

in short, to train a brave child, parents should start from themselves, and often communicate with their children, understand their real ideas, and consciously exercise their independence. Keep it up, and you will find that your child is becoming a brave child who has the courage to face the difficulties!

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