The world's 100 richest features: bald, dropouts, Aquarius

Regal 100 Aquarius bald

touzijie· 2016-05-11 09:09:23

family investment

in 100 richest, 87% of people are married, 63% of people have three or more children. In theory, having a family does not necessarily guarantee success, but emotional support does help to deal with the pressure of the individual. Academic

in 1992 to the 100 richest, 14% of the people did not receive formal education or university read half drop out, but if enrolled at Harvard University, Stanford University, and other top schools, or read engineering, economics, business administration and other departments can really lift in life group victory of probability. The constellation

regardless of people's view toward the constellation how, in the world's 100 richest, 12.5% of the people is Aquarius, traits with independent and innovative entrepreneurs is very enjoyable. The lowest ratio is cancer, only 5.9%.

ten bald nine rich

over the past 20 years, the proportion of the bald man is getting higher and higher, and there are 41% of people wearing glasses.

Boys Club

in the 100 richest women, women accounted for only eight, which shows that the upper class society is still the world of men.

was born

in the world's 100 richest, 40 richest Americans, such as Microsoft founder Bill & middot; gates, "Warren" Buffett, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos), a lot of rich is German, French or Russian.

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