CCTV has launched online games: "my country."

The game is terrible my country finance players

ITzhijia· 2017-09-08 13:16:11

9 1, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League in the official micro-blog to share a web game "fierce my country", has now landed orange light game platform and 360 games.

" it is reported that the game was jointly built by CCTV financial and Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of the game, citing science fiction elements, together with the adventure game player led across time partner, witness China development and strong. When the game player enters the game interface, there are three routes to choose from, respectively, Hulun Buir district - Hualong xiongan Genhe - 1, HZMB - a blue whale - Paracel Islands and Zhejiang Jiang Village - Yangshan Harbor -FAST eye.

CCTV financial channel will be in this year "eleven" during the grand launch of six episode documentary "brilliant Chinese", "powerful my country" game with the documentary together, take the contents of many documentaries, can find clues in the course of the game.

game address: point to this direct

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