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Parenting parents lack of satisfaction critical period

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please their children before the age of 1, 6 years ago to say no to children before the age of 12, pay attention to the psychological support, parenting the key point you know?

many psychological problems are derived from the

children before the age of 12, parents of their children's upbringing in general, child behavior problems or psychological problems such as truancy, lying, addiction, parents, runaways, and hundreds of Dutch act injury, robbery and other fights and "onset" period in more than 12 years before and after until around the age of 18. However, the behavioral problems and related psychological problems of this age group stem from the age of 12. And it's the way parents bring up their children.

" in the parents if you thought of the following questions:

if you have enough time to spend with their children?

are you patient enough to accompany the children?

do you know what kind of "psychological support" children need?

because modern society you do not educate, television, the network will educate him (her), when you find that children appear in a variety of "problems", you have to act late - psychological development has a critical period.

short: perception, emotion, emotion, attention, observation, expression and concept in people can appear the psychological phenomenon, there is interest, personality, will, of course, parents are most concerned about the intelligence, also related to memory, generalization, reasoning, judgment, imagination and ability training.

children in the attachment period, is the study of psychology of parents to accompany

found most in need, if people did not receive this attachment to meet early in life, to create a sense of satisfaction, resulting in irritability, sensitive, neurotic personality disorder and etc.. Therefore, experts suggest that for infants and young children under 3 years of age (especially under 1 years of age), 1-2 regular caregivers should be guaranteed rather than always changing caregivers.

by this, all parents need to understand: in preparing for pregnancy, when preparing to raise children, be sure to prepare for the thought, in the first year after the birth of the child, no matter how hard, must bring their children! Don't let your children leave you, especially in the first year of birth!

child language development when you need love nagging

of young children (especially within 1 and a half years old) only the material support is not enough, no matter whether he was, no matter whether he can understand, raising people in the care of expression of love when it must be much more...... Leave his mother's whisper in his ear, and his father's low voice, because all the nagging sounds are connected to the happy memories that you take care of him and make him or her satisfied. That's one of the foundations of his or her love and affection for you in the future: the familiar voice...... "No,"

told him before the age of six! "The love of

's parenting should be intellectual and not a misreading of the child. So, how do you say "no" to a young child? The method is:

first, the choice of children early showed a wayward time, the general should be at the age of 3-5.

second, the "no" environment should be careful, let the child face you alone, and do not let him in front of people, or in front of other relatives to you.

third, for the first time, the child may continue to cry...... At this time, parents don't hit him, two don't scold him, three not to tell him the truth at this time, because he is still small, but also do not understand many words;

fourth, don't go away, because he has to let you feel no compromise attitude.

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