The bright pearl in Ci Xi's mouth hides the old medicine to protect the thousand years not to rot

The Empress

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The Empress Dowager Ci Xi

by the invisible hand around the Chinese court for nearly half a century, she had "cruel, domineering, Machiavellian, extravagant" subjugation, she became a woman Beauty causes danger. ruled country spokesmen have chaos. The later is the crown by "vindictive, malice, hellcat infamy! But things moved, merits and demerits has gone with the wind. Leaving only her history, her mausoleum, her corpse does not rot legend.


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Ci Xi because the government of the people hated, civilians would not spit on its face, the military is anxious to eat the meat. If got chance, she will "with bone contusion". A summer of 1928, a Kuomintang commander Sun Dianying Zhu Jun just near Ci Xi hall in Dongling, the lack of grass, the situation is grim, the captains will be playing the Ci Xi grave attention. Ci Xi is known for his pride and extravagance, and Li Lianying, a close eunuch, recorded Ci Xi's extravagant tombs beyond imagination.

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