A quarterly pole pick ye so bitter life

Sha Yi Wang Xun Show Luo Huang Bo

tanzi· 2017-09-09 00:57:05


" is the ultimate challenge of broadcast. Insiders broke the news, from the beginning of this Sunday, a pick went off the air.

thought it was the beginning of rumors, then several large entertainment out of seal, administrative micro-blog also made a micro-blog said "shishinanliao" that excluded, this weekend is really not to pick up.

said the reason is according to the program too entertaining, and traitors, traitors, mischief such "negative energy", was SARFT ordered a halt.

" this week suddenly pick off the air, very special is to replace "sword" which is the five tour, the collector jointly produced by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Propaganda Department, CCTV visual feature films, is the main theme and the positive energy.

thought very challenge was to permanently shut down, the jar (micro signal: tanziapp) are also silently for a man to help her see tears, finally found that the original program is adjusted???

" it is OK, fans breathed a sigh of relief, but not the rectification program content cut, and delivered from oppression opportunity.

"is the ultimate challenge" launched the three season, each season has a broadcast storm. When the

in the first quarter, and South Korea because "infinite challenge" are too similar, there are rumors that the pole pick because of copyright issues off the air, then the official news, because it is "repeatedly involving betrayal, ridicule spoof, history and politics" by the requirements of regulation.

", "the second season", "extreme pick", because "vulgar content, detrimental to social atmosphere", the whole program was off the shelf.

", and then the official reason for the technical problems, and soon on the shelves again.

" this season, but also because of the betrayal of the mole, was an emergency stop, people can not help but worry, this program can do the fourth?

said "the ultimate challenge" negative energy, actually seen fans can see, this program is intended to promote positive energy, concern and Reflection on the bottom of the ordinary people, have always been very pick.

are many theme in ordinary people concerned about working in general positions, such as the third quarter of a period is to find "awaken city people", Wang Xun found the sanitation workers, invited them to pick the very evening, sanitation workers asked us "right? "

Wang Xun's answer is very warm heart, is the sanitation workers contribute a lot to the people of the city, not what is not appropriate, the audience provoked a lot of tears.

, Huang Bo, more than 80 year old grandparents to milk, but also calls for attention to the elderly groups.

" and the first season when all the guests have to pick very experienced social occupation, Huang Bo actually went from door to door delivery, others are also reject the claim for compensation.

", "Show Luo" to grandma living alone, cleaning, cleaning, cooking, what live in dry.

, Wang Xun, when spider man, go to the high altitude to wipe the glass.

all let the audience see, every career has his hardships and difficulties. People's network has also issued a document, boast too much positive energy.

" and the controversial "negative energy", indeed there is, from the beginning of the first quarter, Honglei Sun betrayed Zhang Yixing, while he secretly took the toilet his case.

, a certain group of 3v3, Show Luo was mercilessly abandoned on the roadside.

" and then he decided to betray, call Huang Bo to cast Yong camp.


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