The Singapore Tourism Board opened a new era of thought of Stefanie Sun again for the endorsement of Singapore Singapore "


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(September 7, 2017) today, the Singapore Tourism Bureau held a grand tourism brand conference in Beijing China Film Studio Center, officially released the new Singapore Tourism Brand -- "thought singapore". The launch of this brand, a symbol of the Singapore Tourism Board global strategy into the new era of tourism destination marketing strategy rose from "recommended attractions to visitors to the foundation of" emotional resonance "with the level of tourists. "I thought the lion city" a word contains very rich connotation, not only the expression of the tourists longing for the city, but also inherited the "true" auspicious, let visitors think the heart and heart can become possible in singapore.

it is worth mentioning that the Singapore Tourism Bureau once again join hands with Singapore's famous singer Stefanie Sun, the identity of the Singapore Tourism spokesmen debut at the conference. In the first season of "new song" China gains in the national finals runner up Singapore singer songwriter as representative of Singapore to ocean dream, at the scene and Stefanie Sun shared their Singapore story. The conference is the first broadcast of Singapore tourism brand, tourism promotion of global film brings the surging passion Singapore will be the site visitors mood for Chinese lit, led by Stefanie Sun, and customize the market to the ocean to participate in filming commercials, it is the infection of every guests. (please login watch Promo)

on the day, nearly 200 guests to visit the scene witnessed this moment, including travel agencies, media, Internet Co, Master, and the Singapore Tourism Board in China strategic partner.

"thought the lion city" interpretation of Singapore meaning of

in recent years, the economic take-off of the catalytic Chinese Chinese tourism concept matures, tourism demand further release and upgrade, and because of age, area and hobbies have a subtle subdivision, become increasingly diverse. The appeal of Chinese tourists to tourist destinations has not only stayed at the functional level, but also gradually increased to the emotional level. A deep visit to a destination, seeking spiritual connections and value identification in a journey, has become a new consideration for many Chinese tourists in choosing travel destinations. Singapore Singapore has by virtue of its small and complete functional advantage by China tourists, launched a new brand "thought is Singapore" to adapt to the changing needs of tourists, by a number of different areas of Singaporeans to tell their own stories, to show visitors the fine appearance of the Singapore so that tourists have inherent enthusiasm. The Singapore Story resonates, and deepen China tourists emotional connection, strengthen the goodwill and Brand Association Singapore Tourism brand. Although

Singapore is a young country, but Singaporeans with their full of passion, and fear no hardship and courage of the persistent spirit created today's new singapore. More and more Singaporeans in the international stage bloom: whether it is the world's first Michelin won the star of the street vendors, or with his childhood idol Tongtaijingji Olympic swimming champion, or is on the U.S. "Forbes" Asia "under the age of 30 the most promising 30 outstanding people" one of the big coffee Technology … … in Singapore this platform to create infinite possibilities, Singaporeans "enthusiasm and passion" of these "possibilities" into reality. In order to create a more vivid display of enthusiasm unlimited Singapore spirit, Singapore Tourism Bureau invited them as Singapore dream, to tell their story, a spiritual resonance with a sophisticated and carries the dream of tourists.

and "thought the lion city" which is a new tourism brand, it is to let visitors through the understanding of Singapore dream story, the intrinsic charm of the city of singapore. As Stefanie Sun mentioned in the film, "in this city, you often find new perspectives, new landscapes, and always surprises.". "This is the City hope to every tourist experience, hope every visitor can feel the enthusiasm of Singapore, let the heart to heart, can put on the line in Singapore, this is the true meaning of" lion city "thought. Mr. Yang Hanzhong, director of the

Singapore Tourism Bureau introduced: "with the release of new Singapore tourism brand" thought Singapore ', we hope to present a full, vivid image of Singapore for everyone. "I thought the lion city" not only represents the Singapore as a tourist destination, is the perfect interpretation of the spirit of the national story behind singapore. We hope that these stories will arouse the passion of people to pursue their dreams, so as to produce emotional resonance and deepen Singapore's value identity and emotional connection. In recent years, the Singapore Tourism Board has been actively promoting the "quality tourism" strategy, this time the brand promotion is an important measure of this strategic plan, in order to attract more tourists to travel enthusiasts to explore the unknown, find themselves looking for inspiration and singapore. "

  from left to right: Director of the Singapore Tourism Board, Greater China chief representative and director Liu Shiping, Singapore Tourism spokesperson Stefanie Sun, Ambassador of Singapore, Singapore Tourism Bureau Yang Hanzhong Luo Jialiang Singapore, dream representative to the ocean, deputy director of the Singapore Tourism Board assistant Su Ling

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