Venezuela will abandon the dollar and switch to Renminbi and other currencies

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in order to get rid of the influence of the United States, Maduro is really enough to fight, and Trump not only "bickering", now even do not have money.

, according to Reuters reported on September 8th, Venezuelan President Nicholas &bull Maduro announced on Thursday local time, from next week, the country will officially give up the U.S. dollar, switch to a basket of currencies such as rmb.

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Maduro on Thursday in Parliament for an hour long speech, he said: "Venezuela will adopt a new international payment system, with a basket of currencies to replace the dollar. "Then," he added, "if they force us to use US dollars, then we'll switch to the Russian ruble, the renminbi, the India rupee and the euro.".

in addition, Maduro also claimed that the minimum wage will be increased by 40%, according to the calculation of the black market exchange rate, which is equivalent to $7 per month, at the same time, he also said that it would put 50% of the necessities of life "" the price freeze, but this will lead to more serious inflation and shortages.

's criticism of Maduro's move has been hotly criticized by the opposition in congress. The opposition says Maduro has been struggling to strengthen his power without thinking about how to change the economic downturn. The opposition also said inflation in China had risen to 34% last month, making Venezuela one of the world's worst inflation countries.

at present, the Venezuelan currency Bolivar (bolivars) official exchange rate of 1 U. S. dollars to 3345 Bolivar, but the black market on the exchange rate of up to 1 U. S. dollars to 20193 Bolivar. At the end of the speech, concluded that it was an economic war, against the opposition and the United States, and that the enemy's goal was to topple the existing government, "said Maduro. He said: "this is a war against Telangpuzhi under U.S. imperialist blockade. "

Venezuelan President Maduro attended the parliamentary session @

Trump: do not rule out the vision Chinese military action reported before, at the end of 7 to the Commission, the constitutional convention was held in Venezuela, the Venezuelan government hopes to re enact the constitution, disarm the opposition majority the power of Parliament, but the election commission decisively rejected the opposition, that its serious violation of the constitution.

then, Trump told reporters in August 12th that the United States had many options in dealing with the current situation in Venezuela, and that he would not rule out the possibility of military action against venezuela. Trump refused to say on the same day whether any possible military action would be led by the us.

Trump said it would take military action against Venezuela (Figure:

in August 25th, according to reports, the day U.S. President Trump signed an executive order, decided to impose new sanctions on the government of Venezuela and the state-owned oil company.

, the White House said in a statement the same day, the president of Venezuela under Maduro's dictatorship, the people's Committee of food shortage, shortage of drugs, the protests were a violent crackdown, the Maduro regime led the constitutional assembly election commission officials in violation of the constitution, Yan Zhongtan rot, endanger the country's financial system.

statement said that not only the United States condemned the Maduro regime, Latin American countries have refused to recognize the constituent assembly elections and the subsequent adoption of the law. The U.S. sanctions are a support for regional countries, but also for the further isolation of the Maduro regime.