Horror! A girl's eye, an adult's nest! It's because of this habit

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contact lenses, wear a few months, take a bath, sleep, do not pick. Recently, a 27 year old girl in Ningbo paid the price for her carelessness. After diagnosis, her left cornea infected with Acanthamoeba, visual acuity less than 0.1, and eventually had to accept the corneal transplantation … …

lenses for 3 months

27 years old girl left picking insects

reporter learned that, with Xiaoqing (a pseudonym) is a supermarket cashier. Originally wearing frame glasses, changed to contact lenses 3 months ago. bought the year cast, in addition to the first few days also picked up every day, and then for 3 consecutive months did not pick , whether it is bathing or sleeping, wearing .

Xiaoqing told the doctor that, as time went by, she forgot the contact lenses. "too troublesome, every time you wear a long time to wear, and then, always wearing glasses is not uncomfortable, every morning to get up, open your eyes, the world is clear, and feel too good.". "

but a month ago, Xiaoqing left eye redness, pain and photophobia, from time to time, the community hospital diagnosed as conjunctivitis , gave her two bottles of eye drops, and asked her to temporarily stop wearing contact lenses. However, after removing the contact lens and dropping a bottle of eye drops, the situation has not been alleviated. The work is out of the question, so you have to take a holiday.

half a month ago, Xiaoqing went to the hospital. examined her left eye with severe ulceration of the cornea, with a large mass of corneal epithelium, accompanied by stroma infiltration, with less than 0.1 visual acuity.

this protozoan exists in all kinds of water

easy to find people wear contact lenses

"left eye lesions unlike our common bacteria and virus infection, similar to fungal infection, but they are different. "Admissions Doctor Wang, he believes that the comprehensive history and symptoms, caused by Acanthamoeba keratitis is Xiaoqing infection Acanthamoeba, protozoan parasites in the corneal tissue, although not to eat for cornea, not in corneal nibbled holes, but its reproduction, in the cornea in excretion, produce a variety of toxins. In the short term can lead to corneal ulceration, dissolution. Protozoa, as a form of allogeneic protein, are constantly irritating their eyes and causing redness and swelling of the eyes. "

's own cornea became the worm nest , Xiaoqing astonished. Dr. Wang told her that there is no cure for the infection in the world. Mild Acanthamoeba keratitis by debridement to curettage, clear the infection, but the situation is not suitable for this kind of green therapy, protozoa have invaded the deep cornea, in other words, corneal damage is very serious, irreversible damage eyesight.

the only way is to transplant the cornea. recently, Xiaoqing underwent corneal transplantation in Hangzhou, the infection was cured, vision also increased significantly. "But the transplanted cornea is not the original cornea, the refractive index is different from the original, and it will take a while for the patient to adapt, and the vision can not be restored to its previous level.". "Dr. Wang said that the corneal transplant is impossible.".

contact lens wearing population especially to beware of a protozoan infection in the eyes of

spine Miba how snake?

Acanthamoeba is a what insect?

what kind of people are susceptible to infection and how should they be prevented?

around the relevant issues, the reporter interviewed the experts.

doctor Wang Yuwen introduction, Acanthamoeba is a predatory bacteria protozoa, widely found in various water bodies, including tap water, swimming pool water, lake water, sea water, and sewage, soil and livestock manure, the atmosphere also has its shadow.

, this protozoan has a strong vitality. when the environment is suitable, it survives and reproduces in the form of cysts. When the environment, it also comes with a Impenetrable Defence cocoon - capsule for the cold and hot, dry and all kinds of antibiotics have strong tolerance. There is a certain relationship between

infection and Acanthamoeba lenses . "Long-term wear contact lenses, corneal epithelial cells sometimes have a certain degree of exfoliation, or by hypoxia caused by slight edema, every day more than the recommended time to wear even for a few months does not pick, this abnormal condition will be worse. Intact and healthy corneal epithelium has strong defenses against foreign matter, bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. As in the game of power, the Great Wall can stop strange ghosts. Incomplete, unhealthy corneal epithelium is hard to say. "Dr. Wang explained.

reported that 75% patients with Acanthamoeba keratitis and wear contact lenses on . In addition, corneal trauma patients, often in contact with water pollution of people also are at high risk of Acanthamoeba keratitis. However, these conditions are relatively rare in clinical practice.

although some methods can kill the Acanthamoeba protozoa, such as hydrogen peroxide disinfection, chlorine containing disinfectant, 70 degrees above water disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection, but these methods as a routine fire

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Horror! A girl's eye, an adult's nest! It's because of this habit

Horror! A girl's eye, an adult's nest! It's because of this habit