Foreign media: Russia and Japan Summit on the disputed islands each abacus, mutual concessions

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, data map: Andouble and Putin. Xinhua News Agency

Reference News Network September 9 news media said, in the four northern islands (Russia said the South Kuril Islands - note this site) the common economic activity, the Russo Japanese summit 7 on the five priority agreement.

, according to Japan's "Tokyo news" reported on September 8th, in November last year, the Russo Japanese summit started negotiations to reach an agreement, now seems to have made some progress, but the differences between Japan and Russia are also prominent, Japan hopes to promote progress in the territorial issue, Russia attaches importance to economic development priority. In order to promote common economic activities, it is necessary to draw up laws acceptable to both sides of Japan and Russia, but the construction of the law has been delayed, which is far from reaching the ultimate goal, the conclusion of a peace treaty.

reported that Andouble and Putin at the beginning of the talks stressed that the significance of common economic activities lies in resolving the historic issue of concluding a peace treaty. The conclusion of the peace treaty means the settlement of the territorial issues in the north, and the Andouble administration is seeking a breakthrough in the stalled peace treaty negotiations, and has held summit talks on the basis of economic cooperation, speeding up the accumulation of results. However, although the two sides reached an agreement on cooperation projects, but the implementation of specific issues such as enterprises and locations have not yet been resolved, far less than the Japanese envisaged speed.

said that Japan's move to promote common economic activities last year was in fact a "meat trap"". The common economic activity had been expected by Russia, and Japan hoped to show a positive gesture to make some progress in the stalled negotiations on the northern territory. As a prerequisite, Japan proposes to start consultations to create a special system that does not encroach on the sovereignty of the two countries".

, however, the Russian side is tough. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Moore Gu Love, who is in charge of Japan Russia's common economic activities, made it clear that "the reality is that the laws of Russia, which are in the four northern islands, are fully effective and can not be contradicted."". He demonstrated the need to advance discussions under Russian law.

Russia's position is to welcome Japan's cooperation in the development of the islands, but Japan's cooperation is not essential.

reported that if Japan made concessions on sovereignty, it would be putting the cart before the horse, and therefore had to be cautious. If the focus of the future shift to the law on how to make both parties acceptable, it may be like the end of 90s last century, Russia and Japan once again into a stalemate.

, according to the Russian "opinion" website on September 7th reported that the significance of the peace treaty between Russia and Japan is expected to be signed in the next few years, at least according to Andouble's statement can be understood. To make the peace treaty a reality, Tokyo should take into account the extent to which Russia can make concessions on the South Kuril Islands (the four northern islands).

Andouble said: "the signing of the peace treaty is the most important thing in Russo Japanese relations," Putin said during his visit to japan. This time, we are determined to sign the Treaty of peace with our own hands. "

Putin of these words did not respond, but Putin's press secretary to answer questions about the date of the signing of a peace treaty in later said, it may not have the timetable, because this is a very complicated and sensitive issue.

reported that the discreet response of the Kremlin could be understood - indeed, if something had not been resolved, why was it set for a specific date? Undoubtedly, there has been a marked improvement in relations between Russia and Japan, but the relationship between Moscow and Tokyo has been based on a crucial issue for the Japanese people - Tokyo, who believes the islands are their own.

Moscow's position is not disputed territory with japan. Any attempt to question the ownership of the South Kuril Islands is seen as an attempt to distort the outcome of World War II, and must not be allowed.

September 7th TASS reported that Andouble in the East Economic Forum on the implementation of recommendations on the possibility of Russian Railway project.

he said: "let's set of all personnel to implement it, if you can take the train from Tokyo to Vladivostok.", "but for the two countries need to enhance mutual trust. "The first vice president of the

Russian railway company, Alexander Michalin, said earlier that Russia and Japan's Ministry of land and transport had set up a working group to study the project. He stressed that this is a necessary condition for the implementation of the completion of the project from the Russian inland to Sakhalin channel.

, director of the Russian Railway Transportation Research Institute, Pavel Ivankin estimates that the construction cost of the land route between Russia and Japan was 1 trillion rubles (about 113 billion yuan). From the Russian inland to Sakhalin Island and from Sakhalin Island to Japan Hokkaido project can start at the same time, including the design of exploration, a total of 3 to 5 years.

according to Itar TASS reported on September 7th, Putin suggested that the implementation of traffic docking project Sakhalin Island and Hokkaido. He announced at the Eastern Economic Forum: "we plan to build the bridge between Hokkaido and Sakhalin, and this is definitely a world influential thing. "

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