Wife sexy outfit Wong Cho Lam read chest paste spurting!

Wong Cho Lam Leanne Li Hongkong East Network

wangyiyule· 2017-09-10 07:42:11

entertainment NetEase reported on September 9th Hongkong actress Leanne Li was born in 2015 and a beauty pageant, "run" Wong Cho Lam married, the two "tall" love sensation entertainment, marriage often in the community network comedy sun loving. She recently went to Shanghai hosting the event, with a deep V sexy outfit appeared stunning the audience, a rare big break scale attention, all curious to wear so hot having not told husband in advance, "he replied with a smile after seeing the photos to sue me! "

, according to Hongkong's" East Web ", Leanne Li wore a golden dress to host the mall. Deep V all the way down, out of pride, snow, milk, W curve super hot! She didn't tell Wong Cho Lam beforehand, "my husband told me he was joking after seeing the pictures, because I wore him so sexy, but joking and joking, he still thought I was pretty.". "

," Leanne Li admitted, "it's easy to get out of your chest without a chest." "lots of staff help me stare. We're really helpful.". "But one side of her, or careless, revealing the color of the chest paste, fullness on the Wai, really big clothes can not wrap it!"!

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