This charity dinner, more than half of the entertainment to PK clothing products

Li Bingbing Zhang Ziyi Zhang Yunlong Qiao Xin

juziyule· 2017-09-10 07:42:15

is supposed to be Saturday morning dress line list, but the accident on the line ahead of today, it is because most of the entertainment artists who gathered at a charity dinner event...

... Orange Jun weekend to work overtime inventory of the fifty or so other writes to you but or paralysis. Send the fresh red carpet style for everyone to enjoy ah ~~

PART1: Flowers actress

big flowers as red carpet veterans, they not only in the gas field is more, red carpet dress selection for vision is not general, flowers are certainly not let the clothing PK, the female star of the dress look dazzling orange Jun ~~

Carina Lau

others are big dress dress to attend, Carina Lau was Win by a pants effortlessly. Orange Jun watch live, she has not taken off sunglasses, but the state is sincere, very good maintenance.

Fan Bingbing

Fan Ye wore a diamond tassel couture, thin and beautiful is quite amazing, and you will see the orange live Fan Ye this state can give out...... accidentally exposed shoes when I saw the (facepalm escape)...

Zhang Ziyi Li Bingbing

Li Bingbing and Zhang Ziyi see Li Bingbing wearing red carpet with box Kazakhstan spell Strapless satin dress in COS princess? Orange says this because the ornaments on her head are like the crown of a princess. Next Zhang Ziyi wore a gradient mesh hollow dress coat may remove the effect will be better ~~

Hailu Qin

Liu Tao sisters are end Zhuang elegant black dress Printing Department ~

Chen Yao

of the Dayao wearing white clothes, watch half V collar waist design is in place, the high heel shoes with pointed collocation and elegant fan, but body Trousers Design reduction...

Yang Mi

it has always been very good power power, the red carpet show is also very aspect This time, wearing a simple and elegant black and white dress stitching, plus pearl shining diamond embellishment is Rio gorgeous!

Zhao Liying Bao Ying hair more and more cute, this time wearing a diamond decorated with black lace dress, waist belt with black fine outline the waistline, though dressed in black is blingbling very bright ~~

Tian Jing

the sweet dark green with white petal dress is very elegant and charming Da ~

of the Yang Zi Yang Zi also went on the pink line, light pink dress and skirt collar studded with three-dimensional flower Hin girl, but hair too close to the head Subtract!

Victoria Song

Victoria Song wearing a velvet jacket shoulder pad design is stitching big shiny flounced skirt folds, plus black heels with a three-dimensional flower decoration, this body style orange really do not know how to evaluate your...

Jiang Xin

Jiang Xin wore a blue dress, skirt collar falbala increased somewhat feminine romance, skirt design lower body easily appears to be strong, but the collocation on the feet of this pair of high-heeled shoes design too special!

Song Zuer

Song Zuer hold lived in a large area of white must be a little fairy, there are layers of gauze modification before long after short irregular skirt, accessories and foot chain on the diamond lace high-heeled shoes echoed up and down.

Angela Chang

this age can easily hold live fairy skirt, Angela Chang is regarded as one of the best fairy audience?

Li Yuchun

others are adorable dress body, Chris mud red carpet style has always been out of the ordinary, the body of this color and pattern should be Gucci right ~~

" Jane Zhang

this dress is very good, satin material + double breasted style design and handsome, ginger dressed really temperament!

", "Jolin

", in fact, "orange Jun" also quite like Jolin's clothes

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