Credit inquiries too many times, beware of loans have been refused!

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users broke the news that he just click on the WeChat wallet in the micro loan business check amount, but Tencent's "Shenzhen Qianhai micro focus bank Limited by Share Ltd" to "loan approval" to the people's Bank for personal credit records, and this behavior has an impact on their subsequent mortgage applications. The micro bank also gives solutions to the relevant means, that is, users to micro banks to apply for the issuance of "no loan proof" to discourage other lenders doubt.

a Mr. in Guangdong said he had wanted to do business, so he went to loan agency loans. Because the money needed is more, so choose a multi pronged approach, to different lending institutions have borrowed some, in order to strive for more amount. Thus, an agency has not yet approved, he went to another institution to apply, the results of the application to the N home, directly informed by the staff, "credit inquiries too many times, the loan can not."".

, the number of credit inquiries too much, really affect the loan?

not necessarily.

because of the situation. First of all, we should know that the reasons for the personal credit report are classified as my inquiry, credit card approval, guarantee qualification examination, post loan management, loan approval, objection inquiry, and so on.

, in which credit card approval, security qualification review, loan approval, according to risk factors, can be negative category, that is, such inquiries too much records will adversely affect loans. Of course, my enquiry is not included.

, for example, when lending institutions to check your credit report, your credit report, credit card loan approval times by different banks query, but the user is not lending or credit card record of success, that the poor financial situation, the bank loan is not likely. However, the specific circumstances also vary according to the standards of various institutions.

for loans, credit cards are required to inquire about credit reports, and will leave a query on personal credit records. If you think the credit check is a normal process, check many times have nothing to do, and put 120 hearts, then congratulations, you are likely to be refused loan!

", the individual can casually check their credit it?

can. Tyrant please feel free to do so!

now, identity information is easily leaked, and then it is likely to be taken by criminals for loans or other purposes, similar cases are common.

so, in order to gain a sense of security, many people have made a habit of checking the credit, and they have nothing to do to check it.

brother suggested not too frequent but easy to check, the general query for at least a year once, because more than two and charged oh ~

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