Athena Chu, please, let Stephen Chow go

Athena Chu please let Stephen Chow go

hulianwang· 2017-09-10 18:41:42

has always been very love Athena Chu, also believe that she is always in our heart that many people dare to love and hate the Zixia, but in a recent interview frequently mentioned Stephen Chow variety will make people be Lenovo, small Yue think after breaking up best than “ a two wide, all happy ” toast to the past, wine, love is not back.

Athena Chu took part in the latest issue of "Venus show", this thought that the topic will revolve around her new film, but did not expect to say, no accident, and around to Stephen Chow.

roughly counted, Venus asked 8 questions about Stephen Chow, Athena Chu did not avoid, the most impressive is that Venus asked her: "you and Stephen Chow had it?"

, Athena Chu hesitated a little and said with a wry smile, "&ldquo, we were a good match when we were filming.". ”

did not affirm or deny.

, this is Athena Chu after the comeback, the first mention of Stephen Chow, has no breakdown of the necessary, but in the long run, can not help but want to ask a question: "“ so many years, still can not put it?" ”


after breaking up, do not disturb

when Athena Chu and Stephen Chow a section of love, everyone is familiar with.

two from the "fight back" love, love each other, just like a couple of gifted scholars and beautiful ladies, entertainment circle.




, two people broke up rumors, as well as the plot of the film in general, rivers and lakes passing all kinds of fiction.

is said to have Karen Mok in, some people say that Stephen Chow wanted to talk about underground love, and Athena Chu wants to open and aboveboard.

is an outsider, we can make nothing of it.

, and what we can really see is the attitude of two people after breaking up.

later, the whole world knew that Athena Chu married Paul Wong and had a lovely baby.

is not a star. Even an ordinary man doesn't want to hear another man's name from his wife's mouth.

Athena Chu did exactly right at the beginning.

, she didn't want to talk more about Stephen Chow, or even Stephen Chow's name.

, however, everything changed silently after her comeback filming.

, her guest "Lu Yu has an appointment", more than 20 years later, once again talked about the feelings with Stephen Chow.




words, although the existence of this stable satisfaction, but there are regrets for the past years.

in the "trump card" on her trump card, played by Daisy Fay, again talking about those feelings.



, and then to the latest Venus show...


, Venus asked her, "when married , did Stephen Chow send you a blessing?"

Venus asked, "is Stephen Chow single now?" Athena Chu said: … …

has a loving husband to marry and settle down, and, pretty baby, said former spare no effort in the program, it will inevitably make people feel consumption too.

but another angle to think, after all, this is just a show, the host is the rhythm control the audience instead of her, a lot of television in this affair as a spectacle, television viewers want to see what the know too.

, and often at this point, the artist has no choice.

will see it carefully, and when answering a lot of questions, Athena Chu is playing the ball.


as well as Joker. Does

remember that massive confession a few months ago?

Joker at her concert singing "safe" bridge, Gao Leixin's commitment to their predecessors.

we all know Joker and Gao Leixin broke up a peaceful, Joker the cleanse the family became the entertainment topic.

, but this huge confession, except for fans, seems very few people pay the bill.

, and that concert ended, Gao Leixin's approach probably explained everything.

is a red sky singer at the concert so big occasions affectionate confession, angered fans to people micro-blog down all shuabing.

but what Miss Gao did not do, only a few days later reported in the media make groundless accusations.

may Joker heart really is not put it, but may express less consideration.

actually after breaking up, do not ask for each other's blessings, at least not to each other cause distress.


after the break, there is a relationship between don't discredit

, the former than after breaking up from time to time mentioned more troubling, called sichanlanda.

do not know whether you are in the middle of the night to sleep, when received for former friends, even a rouma sms.

we call these people called “ the former inexorably hangs on. ”.

entertainment that a lot of people, the most famous one is probably Wang Feng's ex-wife Ge Hui jie.

Wang Feng 4 period romance known, he is not the traditional sense of the good man. When


, and Gregory married and had children, the other was only 17. Generally speaking, everyone will stand in the woman's side at the beginning.

but Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi after marriage, style change...

Zhang Ziyi drying out a stepdaughter and Wang Feng hand in hand together valentine photos in micro-blog, micro-blog will continue to ge Wang angrily

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