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Bank interest surged 12 times, higher than the balance of treasure a section......

Liu Qiangdong Jingdong WeChat financial management

meirijingjixinwen· 2017-09-11 02:55:14

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since the Institute of financial management, everyone is not like me, bank cards have basically kept the money.

this money either lies in the fund, P2P, or lie in the balance treasure, in short, lying in the place where she can make money. As for bank cards, usually put a small amount of thousands of dollars, and occasionally should be anxious.

now, some Internet heavyweights ah, even the bank card this little money is spared!

let's talk about Liu Qiangdong first. Recently, small partners heard that no, Jingdong finance also issued a bank card, and your current account is higher than the balance of treasure!

is this one "small gold, gold light flashing nouveau riche -

"you can see, this is the Jingdong financial and industrial bank card together. This is not an ordinary debit card, her biggest feature is to open up the financial and payment functions.

when you have more than 1000 dollars in your card, the money will automatically be transferred to the Jingdong coffers". This so-called vault, in fact, and the balance of treasure similar monetary fund, the current annual income of 4.46%.

this income is higher than the current balance of treasure nearly 10%, 12 times higher than the bank's current 0.35% earnings!

and the credit card is as convenient as the balance treasure. When you need money, such as: consumption, transfer, cash withdrawal, you can automatically redeem it for payment.

now for you to let you into the pit, Colombia also put a little wool. A Jingdong is its own consumer package, such as monthly consumption give full cut coupons; a small gift is to raise interest rates, more than 10000 of the first deposit, the interest rate to 5%, even 7 days, enjoy doing, deposit 10 thousand dollars, can earn 10 dollars, 100 thousand more $100.

this wool is not as big as the Internet Co, but it's good if compared with other banks.

on demand products force, but not only Liu Qiangdong. Jingdong ally Tencent, and more recently the bursts of two strokes.

Tencent than Jingdong more cattle, because he also initiated the establishment of banks, called micro banks". The bank can issue cards directly. Its name is "micro card"". This product does not need to be dealt with offline, online can apply directly. The next APP will do.

", now you just put money in "micro card", properly take 4.3% of the current income! With this item, your WeChat change, or you can go directly to add value. Moreover, the funds of micro cards can be freely transferred and paid.

behind this, but also monetary fund, but also earnings than the balance of treasure is also high …

we found no, Ma Huateng and Liu Qiangdong, which is to take advantage of the balance of treasure frequently restricted, in the balance of the balance treasure ah!

's result is that the demand products for both banks are 12 times higher than traditional banks. Vegetable chicken worry about the balance treasure has not been killed, the traditional bank is to all down, … …

, well, continue to say, balance treasure. In order to catch up with Ma Huateng Ma's momentum, also reserves a big move!

some people have recently discovered that WeChat is a beta named "zero money pass" of the East -

" this product is almost entirely for the balance of treasure, for example: WeChat change can be directly transferred into "zero money", not only the money inside you can enjoy the annual income of around 4.3%, but also directly used to transfer, red envelopes, scan code payment and so on.

is almost naked … … … &hellip micro innovation; anyway, objectively, our users have more choices, perhaps, choose a little too much … &hellip

; if we face Meng force, do a dish of chicken picture, let us look at a few dad in the current product layout. You can choose:

is down, Alipay monetary fund, or the highest income. Micro banks have a "peace every day Li", the current can reach 5%, but not behind the goods base, but insurance. Whether its earnings have been maintained, the vegetable chicken is still secretly observed!

summed up, Ma Huateng, Liu Qiangdong took turns force class balance treasure products, but the difference between the real income of these products is limited, but more importantly, flexible and convenient.

is a small gold card, micro card this, it is easy to attract unfamiliar with the Internet, while conservative conservative financial concept of the elderly. Maybe you can recommend it to your parents.

do not know how you usually change how to play, bank cards usually about how much silver?

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