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8848 titanium 8848 technology private order

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smartphone fight to the second half, has long been not the world of hardware configuration, how to find and manage their target population is the key to mobile phone manufacturers survived. The concept of science and technology we awaken Vertu luxury, but too much luxury and ignore technology property is the main cause of Vertu eclipse. 8848 titanium mobile phone to "light luxury" gesture into the high-end mobile phone market, a shot of doping, from the selection of luxury materials to high-end watches, cross-border culture of the Royal, also attracted big manufacturers eager. The basic elements of luxury is out of the ordinary, in the latest release of the M4 8848 line introduced private customized services, to the strong flavor of body quenching technology, covered with a layer of "bespoke" coat, change the color in this iPhone can get the first break time, successfully attracted the attention of elite middle.

8848 M4: private customized your tech luxury

although the distance from the middle class is Wang Jianlin's "a little", I was fortunate to get the price of 16888 yuan this private custom version of red leather M4, from the "proletariat" this special perspective rich mobile phone, although not enough to feel, can also provide some reference for everyone to purchase.

" if from the traditional mobile phone evaluation perspective, 8848 titanium mobile phone M4 first impression is out of the ordinary, the material is neither aluminum magnesium alloy used, and no glass ceramics product entirely free in the mobile phone industry chain. But in view of the fashion circle, all carved craft handmade calfskin, Holland rose gold plating and trim back the watch exudes a luxurious atmosphere. In many cases, cross - class aesthetic requires a cross-border perspective.

8848 titanium M4

mobile phone from the looks, the titanium M4 mobile phone retains the design shape of Mount Everest corner, front glass is also particularly polished to a 3D prism, the whole frame with a hexagonal design firm. But there are still greatly improved, such as positive first joined the fingerprint identification key, butterfly wing design and peak shape echoes, more than the popular circle round and create new styles.

" because the watch style of strong penetration, power button and volume keys on the other joined design style watch crown, and trim back dial design with high-end watches the experience in the design of mobile phone into the more delicate.

turned to the back of the phone, and the unique style of the 8848 titanium mobile phone M4 will make you more impressed. Many improvements have been made based on the previous generation watch dial elements, through the manual tabulation technology, precise parts manual dial embedded, combined with synthetic sapphire reflects the high-end watches dynamic luxury temperament. On the back of the

: high-end watches luxury Pumianerlai

dial textured by France in eighteenth Century from the wheat grain, common in Patek Philippe and other high-end watches, to increase the depth of visual effect and dial. This time in 8848 M4 peak edition back decoration appears, the complex pattern matches, passes the polishing processing scale table circle, shines dazzling simultaneously conveys the wristwatch to be unique the precise texture.

" in order to unity does not destroy the body, SIM card slot cleverly hidden in the dial internal rotation can be opened, and watch the combination of depth, we bring a subversion of the traditional mobile phone.

" hidden double card design of

mobile phone because titanium M4 unique peak angular shape and cortical package, all openings are placed on both sides of the border design. The M4 speakers from a single rise to two, equipped with intelligent power amplifier, using Dirac sound technology, modeling is also very unique.

, content_img_p data and charging interface upgrade to Type-C, hidden in the upper right corner of the phone. In addition, the overall body surface is embedded with 10 screws fixed, six angle shape and screws to 8848 M4 bring an unbreakable strong image.

technology as a luxury, in addition to pay attention to the product design, we also need to fashion attributes on the mobile phone in-depth exploration.

material: luxury fashion handmade traditional intelligent mobile phone

nothing in the choice of materials of aluminum magnesium alloy, carbonate and glass material, durable polyester spinning, taking into account the amount of walking will inevitably fall into the vicious circle of conservative material. 8848 start out from the production way, and watches and other high-end luxury fashion elements, so the 8848 mobile phone on the choice of material is bold and avant-garde, more delicate species are various, but the key is luxury.

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