Organ transport, is the only way to get through the road?

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original title: organ transport, only the road needs to get through it?


from Chengdu to Wuxi, 6 hours. From Hangzhou to Wuhan, 4 hours. Green channel for the transfer of human organ donation has just opened three days, there are two cases of smooth transit.

Wuhan City Public Security Bureau Jianghan District Traffic Police Brigade police sergeant Fu Yong:

to ensure that the team passed the time is the green light at the intersection of the police.


in the first half of last year, about 300 of the country's lung source donations, but only 60 cases were transplanted.


is now a lot of this kind of waste every year, that is, because of this transport.

National People's Congress Chen Jingyu:

about the waste of our lungs in the 20%-30.

people's Congress:

that a lot of it.

Chen Jingyu:

is right, so it's still a lot of.

organ donation is very valuable, how can we not waste.

news 1+1 today interview: China's human organ donation and Transplantation Committee Chairman Huang Jiefu.

host Dong Qian:

good evening, welcome to watch the live news 1+1.

5 month 6 days, the National Health Planning Commission jointly issued a notice of six ministries, to establish a green channel for the transfer of human organ donation. Just two days later, the heart of a donor in Hangzhou reached the body of a patient in Wuhan, 700 miles away, and was successfully transplanted. The whole process took 4 hours and 16 minutes. Some people say that organ transplant is a race against time, with the death in the fight, today we have to pay attention to such a race. < the reporter Liu Feng: < behind me perform the heart trans - mission of Southern Airlines flight has arrived in Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, responsible for the delivery of the organs of the doctor will from the plane down, rushed to the donor heart transfer in an ambulance, to Wuhan Union Hospital for a transplant.

from the beginning of May 8th at 5:24 in the afternoon, a donor heart from more than and 700 km away from Hangzhou, was transported to the operation room Wuhan Union Hospital. Along the way, the heart first in 5 minutes to complete the airport check-in and security procedures, after a half an hour after the flight landed the airport in Wuhan, and from the airport to the hospital, more than 30 kilometers away, only 20 minutes arrived at the. < the green wave band, guarantee team through the full light, then at the junction to arrange the police and control crossing pedestrians and motor vehicles to ensure continued unimpeded.

at 9:40 in the evening, the donor heart in the body of a 30 year old patient with dilated cardiomyopathy, the recovery of beating. And the heart from a person's body, to another person's body, the whole process took a total of 4 hours and 16 minutes. < p > Wuhan Xiehe Hospital heart surgical director of Dong Nianguo: < in the ordinary and usual course of such a speed, most of us going to more than 6 hours, because the donor heart cold ischemia time is affecting the curative effect of very important a factor, general within 6 hours of myocardial protection, the effect of cardiac transplantation should is relatively good.

this is the establishment of the green channel of human organ donation in our country, and the first organ. And just yesterday, and a case of organ transport, starting from Chengdu, Sichuan.

in Wuxi, 1800 kilometers away from Chengdu, an endangered pulmonary fibrosis patients are waiting for a lung transplant surgery. Yesterday, Chengdu with lung organ first from the airport to fly to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, afternoon at 4: 38 after arriving in Shanghai, rushed to the high iron station take high iron, at half past eight in the evening arrived at the Wuxi People's hospital. In the organ transport green channel, a variety of transport to achieve a seamless, organ transfer of a total of 6 hours, 1 to 2 hours ahead of schedule in advance.

Dong Qian:

said that the race against life, today we have a special guest at the studio, the National Committee of the CPPCC Standing Committee, the national human organ donation and Transplantation Committee, director of the Huang Jiefu.

national human organ donation and Transplantation Committee Director Huang Jiefu:

hello. < host: < p > yellow director, we may wish to look at a few days ago from Hangzhou to Wuhan process, remarkable is that, first of all you see the heart to remove this is conventional, from 50 to 6 and 16 minutes, this is the police open, with the 26 minutes of time to reach the airport. The key is to arrive at the airport, less than 10 minutes, the airline staff help them go through special channels, for security, and send to the handlebars to escort them to the boarding gate, the entire process less than 10 minutes, than in the past a lot faster. There is also a key, 7:20 is often the plane ticket to write on the plane to take off, often not 7:20 to take off, but the plane took off on time. After falling to the ground, with a 30 minute time, the heart will arrive at the hospital, 40 of the time, the heart has been restored to beat, we forget about the whole process of 4 hours 16 minutes.

you give us a brief introduction, this heart transplant 16 hours 4 minutes to be able to end, and 6 hours to 8 hours to be allowed within the scope of the two surgery will be what kind of difference?

Huang Jiefu:

we talk about organ transplantation is one with the time in the race, just speak particularly good, is the organ of its preservation time is quite limited, different organs have different requirements. Heart, then our cold ischemia time is best within 6 hours, can not be more than 8 hours.

so the bottom line is 8 hours.

more than 8 hours, the heart is moved up, the heart of the original non functional situation may be great.

4 hours should be a good time.

that would be fine.

4 hours and 6 hours, what is not the same? < p > organ transplantation, I am engaged in liver transplantation, we transplant organs have a doctor compete grab seconds, every minute, every second, time for postoperative patients generated, its prognosis have direct influence, so the shorter the better.

when we calculate this process, because it starts the green channel, takes 4 hours and 16 minutes. But if we look at the past, there is no green channel, the most used 5 hours. Well, in general, how to have to use 6 hours, that is to say that many have reached the bottom line of the heart transplant.

4 an hour in the middle and the time of transplant it up, so he operation have to connect it, it will take some time, so in fact four hours is quite fast, actually more than two hours of organ has come to, then two hours of surgery, on the restoration of the heartbeat.

see this notice can play such a big role, really let people see the hope. We are an outsider, such a notification, the fastest reaction, that is to say it fast, so that organs can use the fastest time to transplant to the need within the body of the person, you as a layman to see what is fast?

I think this "fast" in my heart, not as important as you think. I feel great significance, I saw the six department issued a document, I feel very excited. Why, our country's six departments, including health planning commission, the Ministry of transport, railways, civil aviation, the Red Cross specifically under this article, it is said that organ transplantation has been a joint action of the government and various departments. Under the management of the State Council on 10 March, recently held a working meeting of the national organ donation and Transplantation Committee, finished we arrange 12 work and the green channel is to finish our first. That proves that our organ transplant has become a sunny, transparent, open, and all sectors of society and the government to support a. < p > why for such a notice, we may see more is it to start the green channel, "fast" is the most important, but you see is the other, for example, the light with such a meaning. Why do we have such a big difference?

because I am a transplant doctor, I understand that the original old system with the current system, is completely different. Experts like WHO, who came to China last year and found that the cause of organ transplantation in China has changed dramatically, which is the feeling of transplant experts. Because it has become a sunshine, transparent, fair, just, for the people can enjoy a health care services.

just now we say that just such a notice, which revealed a consequence of this. Just now, we said, organ transport is a life and time of the race, then in the absence of a green channel, the organ transport is how to carry out? We have a look.

2015 years on October 4 in the morning, chenjingyu released a micro Bo said: at three o'clock in the morning in Guangxi to obtain donations from lung, originally planned to ride 8 when 20 points off, China Southern Airlines flight from Guangzhou to fly back to Wuxi, but when taking the pulmonary team in 8 when 05 minutes arrived at the airport, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, China Southern Airlines counter duty manager to customer service did not notice without preparation on the grounds, refused to let the team boarding. < p > Wuxi City People's Hospital, Vice President Chen Jingyu: < time longer the lung cell apoptosis more, no matter what the place, you by plane or high-speed rail transport 6 hours to the hospital in terms of our doctors are able to accept, in medicine are no problem.

this patient you later calculated is how many?

we just under more than 9 hours to the hospital. < fortunately, in support of Shenzhen Airlines, lung doctor endorsed to Shenzhen Airlines 9:50 flight took off, eventually in lung more than nine hours after arrival in Wuxi People's Hospital, and the success of the transplantation. < p > day, chenjingyu in micro Bo live traffic in the day late, boarding blocked, lucky meal, and to complete the operation of the whole process, on the Internet caused great repercussions.

last year, Chen Jingyu said in an interview with the media, in the first half of 2015, the country has at least about 300 lung source donation, but only 60 cases of lung transplantation, a lot of waste on the road. As the National People's Congress, Chen Jingyu has repeatedly submitted on the establishment of a green channel for the transfer of organs.

a patient can actually donate a heart, two lungs, a liver, two kidneys, six organs, but our utilization rate is relatively low, we have used 2.6 organs. According to the global utilization rate, the utilization rate of the developed countries in Europe and the United States is 3.5 to 4. Because our referral process no way. Is high speed, and the aircraft, but also high-speed rail, linkage transfer is very difficult, this also prevents the use of our organ transplant.


is now a lot of this kind of waste every year? It's because of this transport.

about the waste of our lungs in the case of 20-30%.

that's a lot, it's a pity.

we look at a number. In last year's time, the number of organ donation in China has been ranked first in the first place, the world's third place. In 2015, the completion of 2766 cases of donations, donated large organs 7785, more than 2013 and 2014 combined. The, yellow minister when we look at these numbers to see progress, but if we look closely, the 2766 patients to be completed by 2015 the, if we look at heart, because we just cite the example of a heart transplant. But we'll see a heart transplant in 2766 cases, 2766 patients should ordinarily be heart transplantation. But in fact you told me that this figure is only more than and 100, that is, 2766 cases which only do more than and 100 of the heart transplant, why do we have such a big waste? < p > Dong Qian your question very well, what problem, organ transplantation in our medical service ability is not enough.

what do you mean?

hospital can do the operation of the doctor, can do the operation of the hospital equipment, we are now quite limited.

can you tell me the number, is to be able to do a heart transplant hospital how many, can do the heart transplant doctor how many? < p > in my mind, I is the national pipe organ transplantation, I count up to do a heart transplant doctor, more than 10 national is surgeon doctor.

the whole country adds up.

less than 20.

how many heart transplants can they do with their full load?

because there is an operation to complete the operation, as before and after surgery. So we at present, like last year, ask you very good, were 2766, theoretically, if all the donation, we may at least 2000 cases of cardiac transplantation, last year we had more than 100 cases, seems to be more than 120 cases. That proves what it is, one aspect is that Professor Chen Jingyu is talking about the process of our transport delays in time. More important reason is our organ transplant service needs to be improved, so our citizens donated assume that the only legitimate source of later, we within the next couple of years will greatly expand the team, make the hospital more the support. < p > if you do not say, we always thought hindered the transportation objectively such an organ transplant, in particular for heart transplantation, but you so I only know about, because the doctor is not enough, so that led to so much that transplantation. < p > the thing is this, Dong Qian, you know, if our organ transplant ability improves, to transport, like the United States it can to organ utilization to 3.8 is six organs can use 3.8, we just 2.4. There are many reasons for that, on the one hand, the cause of transport, more reason is that we are not enough medical services. If we say that we are in a province, we all have this ability, as we now do a lot of heart lung transplantation province without this ability.

so can only rely on transport.

can only rely on the transport, if our province has this health service capacity, do not transport the.

you see such a notice, to solve this problem, we found that transportation is not the main problem, for the doctor's training of this notice can play what role? < p > play a role in the great, why this notice is six departments have paid attention to this matter, the organ donation and transplantation became a continuation of the attention of the whole society of a sunlight transparent life, that's good for the atmosphere is that we can the organ transplant operation in the sun, you can train more doctors, can have more hospital apply to join the organ donation and transplantation of inside in the hospital. Now the red cross the job is in charge of this organ donation, Comrade Chen Zhu, Chen Zhu, is vice chairman of the National People's Congress, to discuss with us, he said this year, let's start, let more in the hospital to organ donation hospital. This year, planned to reach 300 hospital, 300 hospitals in organ donation, with the original genuine quality is 169 hospitals, 169 hospital many did not make a contribution. So we turned it into a donation and transplant together, and that our country's contribution to the cause of development is very fast.

just now we mentioned that the establishment of the green environment involves many links, many departments, if let the green channel really smooth up, but also do a lot of things, continue to pay attention to. < Huazhong University of science and technology; Tongji Medical College organ transplant surgery chief physician Chen Zhonghua Professor, has long been engaged in organ transplantation, for the official opening of the donated organ transport green channel, in his view, from the policy landing to smooth implementation still need three to five years time. < p > (telephone interviews) < in University of science and technology; Tongji Medical College organ transplant surgery chief physician Chen Zhonghua Professor: < file in China if to implement specific each route each a railway highway transportation need very long time to promote, so we are currently facing a very big challenge, is the popularization and education, training, then we may are planning to human organs transport technical training.

in addition to improve the efficiency of transport links, to fight for time, organ preservation technology, is also considered to be China's need to improve the link. < Huazhong University of science and technology; Tongji Medical College organ transplant surgery chief physician Chen Zhonghua Professor: < in low temperature cold storage and refrigerated, in blood perfusion in machine perfusion of the organs of the long-range transport can now be reached, but a cost problem, if it is a normal temperature mechanical perfusion machine, the machine is relatively large and need to technical personnel to follow, and some auxiliary equipment and time-consuming consumables, the cost is relatively large. < / P > < p > chenzhonghua / > introduction, at present Chinese renal transplantation and liver transplantation, more than 80% are using local, only a few of the heart and lungs need remote transport, because at present can do transplant heart and lung transplant centers are not many, the patient may concentrated in a handful of transplant centers, and donor scattered in all parts of the country.

heart and lungs for the preservation of time requirements are particularly urgent, not like the kidneys and liver relative time longer, the current transport is sufficient, the lungs and the heart is to require a very short period of time. We simply say that six to eight hours are available, and more than 10 hours in the center may not be used. In accordance with China's territory, air transport within the scope of 4 hours, 4 to 5 hours within the scope of the aircraft, plus the ground two hours is six hours. < p > it is understood, our country each year about 1.5 million people died of organ failure, conform to the organ transplantation indications of about 30 million people, and really has the economic capacity to do organ transplant, into the hospital for treatment, in organ transplantation in China distribution and sharing system for patients with only 2.8 million people. < p > in addition, is currently the only one hundred hospitals with qualification of one or a number of transplantation, organ transplant surgeon to do only more than 100 people, talent shortage also restricts the development of the cause of organ transplantation in China.

back to the studio, we continue to minister huang. Professor Chen Zhonghua said just now, the waste rate is there. You give us a definition, the waste rate of transport on the number of waste, because we do not have enough doctors, the waste and the number of organs, which can not be strictly distinguished?

I think the current situation can be so, Professor Chen Zhonghua and Professor Chen Jingyu are members of our organ donation Committee, are our good friends, we are quite familiar with the. Them from different angles to speak of, so we lung transplantation, like Professor Chen Jingyu, he hopes will be able to complete the lung transplantation within 6 hours, if more than 8 hours, cell apoptosis will seriously, the it is not so assured, while patients of postoperative complications and mortality are particularly high.

that's because of the transportation.

because it's too long.

as you mentioned just now, doctors are not enough to waste the use of the reason. < p > now the doctor is not our main reason if we now chenzhonghua Professor, China organ transplant surgeon in probably more than 100, including liver, kidney, heart and lung together, our country a qualified doctor 200 people, but do liver transplantation is limited, probably not to 100 people, more than 60 people, heart transplantation for about 10 to 20 people.

you see now that there is such a contradiction, waiting for the transplant surgery, transplant organs of many people, the donation of the people are now increasing year by year, but in fact it is limited. But in the middle of a very important link, the waste rate is now so much, how to solve this contradiction? < p > this requires our health care reform successfully for, so this is said, just have to say, Professor Chen Zhonghua has spoken clearly, in fact, now restrict the three factors for the development of organ transplantation: the first is economic, because the organ transplantation so far, in our country, costs a lot, do a liver transplant to more than 60 million, for a kidney transplant is almost 30 million, do a heart transplant almost with liver transplantation as, lung transplantation is similar, the ordinary people are astronomical. So our country about 300000 need to do transplant, can really enter the hospital's door, can hand over the money, like last year, only 28 thousand people.

this is the economic reason, second.

first reason. The second reason is the reason for our ability to serve. Just professor chenzhonghua mentioned, our country can really make organ transplantation of the complex surgery, due to our original old system, we could not raise the so many doctors, also is impossible to cultivate so many doctors, because previous source is not open and transparent, only a handful of people to master this technology. The now citizens to donate later, our team can quickly grow, we in May this year, in a few days I went to Wuhan a OPO a meeting held, is the meeting of organ procurement organization. We want to train more doctors, let more hospitals to join.

the last question, your brief answer, we are now short of doctors, if you want to train more doctors in the future have the qualifications to do surgery, how long? < p > so, doctor training to certain surgery based, for organ transplantation is a complex technology, he must is a good general surgery, or urinary surgery, or cardiac surgery doctor, first of all, he must the doctor is a skilled cardiologists.

to train about a few years?

that need not long, probably a year is enough, but it must have the foundation.

well, thank you very much, just now we are talking about such a transplant problem, we now say that the green channel to solve the problem is fast, but this is only the first step. When the future is one day, it is possible to solve this problem in our province at the time, this is the best solution to the program. Thank you for watching today's show.

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