The 2016 season, OPENDAY EDG, SS: foreign media visits

The tournament occupation players gaming coach room

tuwanwang· 2016-05-11 09:27:11

< p > exciting season round group stage end represents LPL play spring Championship zhanla RNG eight wins and in the points standings in the first column. < p > exciting season round group stage end represents LPL play spring Championship zhanla RNG eight wins and in the points standings in the first column. "This is my six years on one of the most exciting at a world series, and it ~ ~ no ~ ~ knot ~ beam ~ super happy. "The overseas player comments.

and Abu both in the training or the club facilities, are constantly to the media reporters stressed EDG team discipline and strict management. Then Hongkong eSports and theScore eSports journalist also interviewed the EDG of coach RapidStar, contestant wild ClearLove and Abu Qatada, for elemental dragon 6.9 version of the player is very concerned about the Abu think this setting increases the game interesting taste, especially professional players because of a lot of practice, will become mechanization, the pattern, and Elemental Dragon refresh random setting, let hit the wild players need to Drake trade-offs. Abu then presented a EDG shirt as a gift, careful Abu also specially for everyone chooses the right size. < p > in EDG after the visit, through the secret passage ", outside the wall is the snake this year the newly completed the style base, the manager left fog already here waiting.

please imagine, we of the snake is the logo, from outer space through the atmosphere came to earth, come to Shanghai in in the US base at the door...... "This is the familiar with the gorgeous opening, left the fog with you into the design of sophisticated Snake training base. Reception room, training room, bedroom, all have their own unique name, Snake team standard and elements of the game within the base everywhere, but also equipped with perfect fitness equipment and independent movement space. Left fog to reporters expressed their understanding of the training base: some people rent a big luxury villas, large bathroom with a large bath, in the sitting room put a row of a table when the training room, but this is what use? Have you seen the base at four o'clock in the morning the appearance, is early morning and many people in the queue to wash the toilet; so base snake is after re transformation, there are special training room, coaches room, bathroom, toilet all can accommodate multiple people at the same time, so that players can concentrate on training.

HongKong Esports Alan Chow, reporter surprised at the team scale, "LMS marine base does not necessarily bring the fitness room, may only have tea instead of a dining hall, Snake base and a badminton court!" he believes that such a HongKongEsports three South Korean players LMS team South Korea's EDG team in the team communication is good, they can begin to say some Chinese, instead of gogogo, backbackback, ADADAD, real communication between team members have done very well, this is perhaps the best players and Chinese Han aid can finish running, play well at 2016 reasons season games group phase stage.

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