4699 yuan! Millet MIX 2 all ceramic enjoy edition release

Millet Lei Jun Xiaolong

ITzhijia· 2017-09-11 14:57:49

9 11 news, this afternoon, millet held a new conference at the Beijing University of Technology stadium, released a comprehensive screen 2 mobile phone millet MIX 2, priced at 3299 yuan. In addition, Lei Jun also released a special millet MIX 2 enjoy version, Lei Jun named Unibody all ceramic, 8GB memory, 128GB storage, priced at 4699 yuan.

official introduction, millet MIX2 exclusive edition is like a piece of jade like nature itself. Not only is it difficult to imagine, but the difficulty and cost of the process are beyond imagination. Each piece of Unibody all ceramic should go through 1400 degrees high temperature 7 days sintering; two storey equipment, 240 tons stamping molding; emery knife head 0.01mm repeatedly carved, every processing a mobile phone, have to replace the knife head.

millet MIX 2 exclusive version equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor, 5.99 inches 18:9 full screen customization, Unibody ceramic body, millet 6 main camera 4 axis optical image stabilization, 6 Die 43 frequency band MIX global, millet 2 enjoy version has a black and white version.

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