Lu Xun's wife, sex without love keep 41 years widow, but generation after generation never

Lu Xun's wife sex without love keep 41 years widow who never met Lu Xun generation after generatio

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sedan, I lost the embroidered shoes, is an ill omen.

Guangxu thirty-two years at the beginning of June six, a good day for me.

, five years later, I saw him again. The rugged was cold, and arrogant.

cold moonlight.

for a long time did not lift the veil, snuff probably thin, he sat in the armchair, reading, not language. I caught sight of a snail in the corner, climbing a little bit slowly, as if it were time.

five years ago, the life of parents, I became Zhou's wife, at the end of the year. He is the Jiangnan naval academy students, a family of scholar, grandfather is in fault, they also came to was chained and thrown into prison. My family is business, I am three years old, it seems like a good marriage.

get married soon, but he will study abroad in Japan, for the wedding. Parting, I saw off with my family. He said to me, "&ldquo, your name is Zhu An, and the family has one daughter, that is Ann.". &rdquo. Zhou has no wife. Since then, I have been considered a member of the family. Let him rest, let the family peace, is my life's wish.

, I've been waiting for five years. Wait for a song, some day in the future, he will marry me.

but he can not be heard.

to the empress (Shaoxing, namely the mother-in-law, the same below) and relatives said, he became the new youth, I will put the foot into the school. My four year old mother said, good foot binding, the woman is three inch, big ugly and vulgar, in a state of disorder. Now I am more than twenty, and talk about letting go of my feet. Since ancient times, Germany is the only woman, a woman is flourishing, housework is a duty, not to read on.

, the tradition of Zhu, can not tolerate my challenge. After all, I'm just a little girl, an old woman. The only thing I can do, is to plug of Cotton wedding shoes such as a ship, no Chengxiang, unexpectedly fell under the car, the more.

corner snail still struggling to climb, the night slowly faded. I remembered the ferry that year, and he said to me, "there is a woman in the house, which is Ann.". He is frail, behavior bookish, not like now, angular. My heart is a little hate from Japan, it is a trip to Japan, let him change. I had a hunch that the world has changed, but I do not know the new world, not to let the next to me.

wedding festivities night, silent night each other. A silent, that is, a lifetime. Three days after

, he left home again and went to japan.


Xuantong three years, that is 1911, the collapse of Qing dynasty.

, my marriage, , has gone through fifth years. Mr.

returned to China for two years. He has worked as a teacher in Zhejiang two normal school and Shaoxing high school hall. Now he is president of Shaoxing normal school. He never came back home for the night, occasionally in a hurry to depart, embrace many books, I cannot read.

, he talks to the empress, says “ national revolution ” “ Republic of China ” most probably some state affairs, know I don't understand, then don't say to me. I listened in silence, silent, his sometimes passionate, sometimes sad and angry appearance, I like it very much. He is a man of great things.

I Street, the streets and lanes teahouse is “ the revolution ” saying, people like with the past is not the same as. Like Mr. braided like men, women also gradually foot out of the world. It seems that Mr. small famous, passing and herb, often heard “ Zhou ” yuner. I am proud, because I am Zhou's wife. I am also pain, keep in name marriage, withered years. Mr.

is a modern character and naturally happy about the new situation. I'm an old man. With “ &rdquo, arranged marriage; a three inch, by a sudden change in the situation in a trembling, into a new era, I do not know where to go.

at noon, I go home. Mr.

has gone to Peiping. I can't read, so I'll write a letter to my brother.


says Mr. Shu


at concubinage.

wife Zhu An

1914 November, Mr.

no longer, I heard anger, said I was unreasonable, hopeless.

as the next sedan dropped shoes in front of him, I was always very careful, self defeating. I love him, he even allowed concubinage, but he did not understand. The only empress cherish me, take care of a week for many years, I don't like more weeks family daughter-in-law, daughter of zhou. In 1919, he went to Beijing for his career, so I left the Jiangnan Water Village and left my home. One must not have been one.

“ married from the father, both married from the husband, the husband dies from ” and my life is dependent on her husband, he is only fate in the nation. My life is turned upside down in the displaced in the history, reduced to fragments.

life is a desolation.


Beijing only laogua haggard howl, days are dry taste. We live in

his younger brother Zhou Zuoren, who is Japanese letter for Japan, Liuyang “ &rdquo binding and free love. She is progressive, and she knows how to write. When I came to Peiping, I knew that his reputation was so great. The visitors came in an endless stream, with students and big shots. Every time I visit are in the back room, he should not want me to entertain. Mr. inside are innovative, I was the only one of his old things.

today I was in the back, as people came in.


, &ldquo, sister-in-law, what about you?

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