"A woman who often says this is terrible."!"

Women who say this often are awful

hulianwang· 2017-09-11 21:01:31

language is the most wonderful invention of human emotion. Simple articles not only make people feel warm, but also promote the feelings of husband and wife, friends and relatives. A man who talks is more welcome; a man who does not speak can only be rebuffed. As the saying goes, a woman is equal to 500 ducks. Like to say these words often have a woman, too terrible.

, whose husband who very successfully, whose wife who live a good life every day there is a woman born

, than to see her good friend, and not only uncomfortable, and neighbors and relatives than even than, not satisfied, always think your husband will not make money. The material life than others home. This woman can be divided into two kinds, one is hoping to encourage husband motivated, but not often said, and the other one is talking about every day, anxious husband immediately soared to live a good life.

two, your parents have hands and feet have so much money doing

husband Fengnianguojie to get some money to their parents, this woman will stop, think the money is hard earned two couples should not give the husband's parents. The same is divided into two kinds, one is really buckle, not only for the husband parents buckle, same to their parents, another is more hateful, husband's parents don't cherish, but continue to subsidize their own family, especially the brother-in-law, “ Fu brother magic ” the most influence their feelings.

three, husband, I want to buy it, buy it, buy buy buy.....

met a Shopaholic woman, husband is actually distressed, economic strength still can bear, but the daily bags will be very tired, but the economic conditions are not wealthy, women also spend money like water, so the husband the day is bitter.

, the woman still has to control her mouth, don't open mouth, spread such women, sometimes very terrible.

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