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Dong Mingzhu year cattle: three years out of millet

GREE Dong Mingzhu millet phone millet

huanqiulaohucaijing· 2017-09-12 02:36:42

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many people on GREE's impact remain in the air conditioning, after all, GREE air-conditioning quality is really good. However, GREE also produced GREE mobile phones, a total of 3 production, but the market is very low sales, so that GREE mobile phone users are very few.

, however, GREE mobile phone did not fire GREE phones, but GREE Mister Dong Mingzhu copied fire, let us review the year when Dong Mingzhu blew the NB.

" when the cattle

1, three years out of millet, millet is a liar, thief

Dong Mingzhu was in 2015, your anger millet mobile phone, Zhuantou patents and technology of others, even dare to steal GREE mobile phone technology. Dong Mingzhu rhetoric and GREE mobile phone millet mobile phone not competition, three years out of millet.

Dong Mingzhu is really too confident about GREE mobile phones, three years faster, GREE mobile phone is missing.

2, millet mobile phone quality, GREE mobile phone quality problems of the world's first

Dong Mingzhu had to seize the mobile phone millet, millet mobile phone will fall your anger is bad, and the quality of the world's first mobile phone GREE, unbreakable. GREE as a national brand, air-conditioning do really good, but GREE mobile phones, really make you difficult to convince.

1, users Tucao boot animation is really embarrassing

many used GREE mobile phone users know, GREE mobile phone boot screen is Dong Ming pearl I. As the image of GREE mobile phone spokesmen, many people are Tucao, so that the boot screen is really looking uncomfortable.

2, GREE mobile phone prices make it difficult to accept the

mobile phone GREE third generation "foreign", the official price is 3200 yuan. However, many users Tucao such a price, or to buy millet mobile phone is better. The configuration and innovation of GREE mobile phone is not much highlights, in the high price of millet mobile phone, MIUI system, the price is a little high indeed.

Xiaobian summary

Dong Mingzhu as a national corporate CEOs did make GREE air conditioning to the country, to the world. However, GREE mobile phone is a big failure of GREE, but also for many users think Dong Mingzhu is in show. The rhetoric of three years out of millet, gamble 1 billion, Dong Mingzhu will give this money?

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Dong Mingzhu year cattle: three years out of millet

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