Hubei lobster college renamed the Institute of culinary culture, said the school did not set crayfish specialty

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yangshicaijing· 2017-09-12 05:03:07

according to "Legal Evening News" view news reported on September 10th, not long ago, Jianghan Vocational College of Arts in Hubei set up "lobster academy", a time "crayfish professional" hot network. At the beginning of the school, the reporter called Jianghan Vocational College of Arts again. The school says the lobster academy has now been renamed the Culinary Arts Institute, and students are now undergoing military training.

" in the beginning soon, the Ministry of education "occupation education teaching system construction of national standard" held a news conference about the similar "lobster professional" some higher occupation colleges the establishment of the occupation education and Adult Education Department of the Ministry of Education Secretary Wang Jiping pointed out that some schools now have misunderstood the autonomy, abuse of autonomy, not selected major from the catalog, blind design professional, engage in some wonderful professional, should pay attention to prevent this tendency. For example, some schools out of lobster professional, can not be like this. Professional settings, if in the professional directory, you can not set up, but after the demonstration, professional directory of professional can be proved, and must get through the appropriate procedures, but the professional setting is a very serious thing, is scientific, not to do. "

Hubei Jianghan Vocational College of Arts Dangban director told the Legal Evening News - News reporter: from the view of" the school no lobster professional, no professional crayfish. Set up cooking, marketing and other professional, lobster academy also does not have this professional, some media in the process of speculation, in order to attract attention, make a stunt. "

director said:" before the lobster college now renamed college food culture, we set up the Institute of professional education department is instructed by professional, three, from no professional or professional lobster crayfish. We are the lobster industry for the relevant profession, and crayfish specialty, which are two different concepts. Our major is the Ministry of education set up professional directory inside the professional, but focused on crayfish industry. "

for the previous media reports, Yu said:" I personally think, some media reports, our professional deviate from the school's original intention. According to the "

Hubei Jianghan Vocational College of Arts notice, a total of 162 people enrolled in a separate entrance examination, the candidates through strict qualification examination and comprehensive professional knowledge, professional skills test examination, culture comprehensive examination, the school will enroll 86 people. Institute of catering management, cooking technology and nutrition, marketing three professional.

according to the school website news, Qianjiang is Hubei and the country's famous crayfish production and export base, in 2010 won the "China crawfish town" and "Chinese crawfish export processing the first city" title.

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