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Russia missiles anti tank missiles tanks

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domestic cattle can not do five big individual weapons, each of them is in the hands of soldiers in the hands of artillery, missiles, powerful, in the face of enemy armor, you can easily kill.

QBU10 type military 12.7 mm sniper rifle

10 sniper rifle is the first large caliber sniper rifle army officially installed, has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, light weight, high precision, strong maneuverability, good ergonomics etc.. The gun aiming device has complete functions, higher automation and higher information level, more in line with the requirements of information operation, and represents the leading level of the world wide sniper rifle aiming device.

QBU10 type main domestic 12.7 mm sniper bullet and special multifunction projectile, if necessary using the type 89 12.7 mm in fuel drag bombs, incendiary bullets, and the type 54 12.7 mm in bomb and other ammunition. The use of domestic special 12.7 mm sniper bullet, at a distance of 1500 meters to 5 mm RHA shooting penetration rate of more than 80%; penetrating 10 mm homogeneous steel plate at 100 meters, the 93 gasoline ignition rate greater than 80%.

", such as the use of api-t, at a distance of 500 meters, with 0° angle (angle between the center line and the angle pill fingerstyle armor plate normal) can breakdown 15 mm thick steel plate; the use of armor piercing incendiary bomb. 30° angle, 800 meters from the target, but the breakdown of 10 mm thick homogeneous steel plate. QBU10 type of ammunition can strike within 1000 meters of a target, and light armored vehicles, radar, communications equipment and other important target damage within 1500 meters, 2000 meters away or pressed against the group's goal in life. Technology starting point

PF98 Type 120 mm anti tank rocket launchers

PF98 Type 120 mm rockets, excellent performance. Used in the design of a large number of new theory, new technology, new technology: the use of composite materials, greatly reduce the quality of weapons fire control system; high technology content makes the effective range and increase reaction speed; using tandem warhead technology, can effectively go breakdown reactive armor NATO heavy three layer target. Its comprehensive performance is far more than our army is equipped with 69 type 40 mm rockets and PF89 type single rocket launchers, even the Russian RPG27 and German "iron fist" series, "Carle M3" Sweden is not comparable with the bazooka.

120 mm anti tank rocket launchers with armor rockets and multi-purpose rocket two kinds of shells. The armor rocket weighs about 6.2 kilograms, for tandem warhead, the muzzle velocity of 246 M / s, the maximum armor thickness of 800 mm, the thickness at 68° armor angle is 230 mm, the rocket has damaged armor armor, armor and reaction ability of killing effective strength is mainly used for dealing with the enemy tanks, armored targets.

multi purpose missile warhead weighs about 7.5 kilograms, the self forging fragment penetration technology, the muzzle velocity of 205 M / s, can produce more than 120 5.5 mm diameter steel ball and Combustible Metals zirconium, with combustion effect, the intensive destruction radius of 25 meters, can realize the piercing and killing, burning and other damage the effect of target. Multi-purpose rocket is mainly used to destroy enemy infantry fighting vehicles, light armored vehicles, killing the effective strength of exposure. The


-12 anti tank missile Houjian anti tank missile, by China Northern Industrial Company in 2014 developed the third generation anti tank missiles, and China previously developed equipment of anti tank weapons look quite different. The transport launching box weighs about 17 kilograms along with missiles, and the total weight of the whole weapon system is 22 kilograms. The launch box is 1.25 meters long and has a diameter of about 170-180 millimeters. The missile was guided by "after launch" technology. The warhead uses tandem conical charges to estimate penetration of up to 1100 millimeters of homogeneous armor or explosive reactive armor, as well as small naval vessels, helicopters, bunkers, fortifications, etc..

and the United States "javelin", Israel's "spike", "red flag -12 is equipped with the infrared target image has the memory function of homing head, have not the ability to launch, can accurately hit within 2000 meters of the target in all weather conditions. If the TV boot head is changed, the range of the missile can extend to 4000 meters. It is reported that the -12 can not only attack the main battle tanks, can also attack helicopter.

05 assault strategic rifle,

05 assault rifle, equipped with laser ranger and digital camera. The operator can program the grenade in advance to explode within a certain distance from the target, such as exploding directly over the enemy's trenches. China has developed 3 types of grenade for 05 assault rifles, the first of which is anti infantry explosive shells. Second types of grenade projectile into tiny jet deadly after the explosion, the military China called the "remote shotgun", but also very suitable for moving target like unmanned aircraft shot down. Third types of grenades are used to kill targets with higher levels of protection. They can penetrate armor or clear infantry passages.

is mainly composed of four parts: computer fire control system, photoelectric sighting system, intelligent grenade launcher and "05 strategy" rifle. Among them, the 05 type strategic rifle adopts the traditional structure with the support and the other double caliber layout. The length of the whole gun is less than 0.95 meters, and the weight is small

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