Millet 90 points metal board chassis: 100% mg Al alloy

Millet chassis Z

qudongzhijia· 2017-09-12 11:46:39

today, millet ecological chain enterprises launched the "90 metal box", the price of 999 yuan, will be held this Friday (September 15th) officially on sale.

90 metal 20 inch suitcase, the surface material is 100% mg Al alloy, horizontal stripe structure provides a strong force and anticollision.

box adopts detachable clapboard, can adjust the shape of Y ribbon, even a piece of clothes never run, lining with 100% polyester fiber, anti wrinkle and durable.

in addition, 's ultra quiet, wearable and universal aircraft wheels support quick disassembly, and wheel quality problems can be replaced free of charge within one year. The

pull rod can be adjusted with four gears, and a double mechanical cipher wheel is provided with a customs lock.

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