Often give the child to eat these three things, grow up to be promising. Don't believe it!

Children depression growth

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" to see the title, you must think, how to eat something up? Don't worry, you'll see it after reading it.

01, eating,

, trivial details of life, always subtly convey a child's habits, temperament and upbringing.

a child education is good, take out a meal you know; a friend is not a stranger to you, eat a few meals to understand; the couple was doing, look at the kitchen table, and also guess a pretty close.

so eating well is a small matter and a great upbringing.

the child was scolded for being ill bred, mostly at the dinner table.

I have two family shener, relatives and friends of the reputation is especially poor, when holiday dinners, everybody does not want to invite them, but sometimes due to the relatives had to face, being polite.

when I started serving, her two children on the occupation of the rotary table: cold cabbage does not love to eat, quickly turn over; this dish of beef spiced very good, to go in front of him holding a chopstick, chopsticks to pick up; love to eat garlic fried tripe tripe in it, lying on the edge of the table, in body, arms outstretched, with chopsticks Bala for tripe, the dishes are pumping out...

... A table of people holding chopsticks inserted, not chance, no embarrassment. The two boys were very happy: "these two children, really good appetite."! Every time bring out to eat, light pick meat to eat, must eat enough. "

after a lot of time, we pay attention to the child" nutrition on the tip of the tongue, but ignored the tip of the tongue on the upbringing".

faced a poorly fed child, who could see the child's flaws at once. If parents do not even teach this little thing about table manners, what's the future?

we're at the dinner table, raising little white eyed wolves.

when you eat at your own house, who's the first chopstick? Is the question important? Does it have any effect on the child's growth? The answer must be influential.

my daughter, Xiao Yu, especially likes to eat fish meat, tender and tender yet. Every time I ate fish, I always put the fish down and put it in my daughter's bowl.

but a few days ago, grandma said the mouth is not good, I just put a piece of fish belly meat to the grandmother's bowl. Did not expect her daughter to quit, a face reluctantly: "Oh, I want to eat that piece."! "The tone of

's daughter at that time was obviously a complaint. I gave the meat that belonged to someone else. You see, I've had so many good meat for her, and this time I didn't like her, but she complained about me.

in most families, enjoy the "preferred meal right", is certainly a child: dish is not neat, quickly with a small bowl for children to eat with a shifting point; no thorn fish plate, a first clamp for children, who are reluctant to eat... This is the most commonly used

... Children love the way, hope the children can body grow strong, hope the children can feel our love and dedication.

actually, is this way of love really right? Is the child really grateful to his parents? Often not, many times, the children understand these love as parents should be reasonable, he deserves it". When the child's love for you "deserve it", what Thanksgiving and filial piety are extravagant talk.


hard not to let the children eat bitter now, the future of the world will make him very bitter.

many college students, after a period of entrance, are very upset, depressed and have a messy life. They often have problems with their classmates, and some even drop out of school.

found that after they get into University, away from their parents, many things have to do their own washing clothes, shoes, washing brush quilt bed...... But before this, these are things parents do: "son, you learn something on the line, you do not control! "

in the sun when you go to a good winter, some university dormitory area around, sometimes can get you the nausea and vomiting: the sun out of the quilt, pillow, are greasy, dark; the dormitory balcony was filled with smelly socks, dry wear repeatedly say...

... You may not believe, a lot of girls the hostel so even dirtier than the male dormitory. Is this the end result of "studying well and doing nothing else?"

last year graduation season, a reporter interviewed a group of graduates have what plan for the future, several boys said: "I don't want to work, I don't want to leave here, just want to get together with friends to play games in peace. "

's twenties are still fragile and full of fear and resistance to the coming social life. There is no maturity or commitment to this age. Is this the end result of "studying well and doing nothing else?"

many times, we are caught in a "love error": too much love for children, nothing to let him do, and a little bitter are reluctant to let him eat. In the end, however, a lot of people are trained and still more than 30 years old

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