Shen Mengchen endorsement? Vivo X20 full screen really first exposure

Vivo Shen Mengchen the Ministry King glory

aigaoji· 2017-09-12 16:24:36

vivo X20 is vivo's first full screen mobile phone, vivo official at the end of August issued a new news conference invitation will send the machine. In September 5th it has appeared in the Ministry of industry, the new machine to provide black and white two models, the back cover as a whole, all metal design, with the overall radian, up and down are Huxing antenna, double camera + rear fingerprint design.

fuselage is very narrow forehead and chin, the top is white classic design, distance sensor and front camera position symmetry. But for the moment, even the Ministry has no detailed information about the new machine, the outside world predicts that it will use the 5.5 inch 18:9 AMOLED screen, SoC for Xiaolong 660. Vivo has even worked with King glory to determine the limited edition of the X20 King's glory anniversary.

" and September 12th news, vivo think X20 real machine, has been exposed by star Shen Mengchen micro-blog. Micro-blog mentioned in the fire agent kits, and drying out the black version of vivo X20 real map. According to the rhythm, Shen Mengchen should be the spokesperson for vivo X20.

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