Beijing, Tokyo, Nanjing, why not Xijing? (knowledge gained)

Beijing Tokyo Nanjing why not Xijing? (knowledge gained)

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in Beijing and Nanjing since Needless to say, as Chinese history dynasty capital city, of course, when the capital of “ ” the name, certainly a lot of people will be surprised, since there are Beijing, Nanjing, Tokyo and Tokyo why not?

Beijing: the most familiar, the history of this place in Beijing there are a lot of names. The comparison for having heard it many times the spring and Autumn period &ldquo Yandu; ” “ ” yuan; mostly; Zhu Yuanzhang De Yuan later renamed “ ” Beijing; Yongle wins after Beijing to build “ Beijing City Shuntian, ”; Zhu Yongle eighteen years Diqian are Beijing, the capital was renamed “ ” in the early abolition; “ Jing Zhao Fu, ” 1918; expedition waste Jingzhao, called “ ” Beijing; during the Anti Japanese War puppet government in Beijing, also known as “ ” after the surrender of the complex called &rdquo & ldquo; Beijing;; last 1949 the first session of the National People's Political Consultative Conference will be established &ldquo Beijing; ” renamed “ Beijing ” motion.

Nanjing: famous name “ Jianye ” Yangzhou “ ” “ &rdquo &ldquo ” Nanjing; health; “ day ”. In 1368 the establishment of the Ming Dynasty, Ming Dynasty was called yingtianfu “ Nanjing ”. 1378 renamed the “ the ”. In 1421, Yongle moved north and restored the name of Nanjing.

Tokyo: from 794 A. D. to 1868, the capital of Japan was always kyoto. Meiji two years, Emperor Meiji moved to Edo, Tokyo.

also has a lot of the city once known as Xijing, Han and Tang Dynasties in Changan China, known as Tokyo, Luoyang is called Tokyo, Tang suzong period, once the Changan to Beijing, and the Fengxiang government called xijing.

during the Tang Dynasty, a Bohai regime established in the northeast of China which Mohe, Bohai state owned a Xijing yalu. The Northern Song Dynasty, Tokyo city government, Henan government, Xijing Beijing damingfu, Nanjing Tianfu, the Xijing Henan mansion is today's Henan to Luoyang. The establishment of the Liao Khitan people have Shangjing linhuang Prefecture, Tokyo Prefecture of Liaoyang, Chukyo Dading house, Datong Datong palace, the palace in Datong, Shanxi province today. Jurchen Jin Dynasty established by Beijing in Beijing, Huining Prefecture Government, Tokyo Prefecture of Liaoyang, Daxing, Beijing Datong Fu Ding Fu, Nanjing city government, the government is in Datong of Shanxi Province in Datong today.

Liao and Jin is used in whole system, and the Ming and Qing Dynasty is used are complex, the administrative divisions of the Ming Dynasty, is simply two Beijing thirteen department, two Beijing refers to Nanjing and Beijing, Nanjing is now the city of Nanjing, Beijing is now in Beijing city. The Qing Dynasty before the capital in Mukden (now Shenyang city), after entering the capital Beijing, but still have to stay in Shenyang, so the Qing Dynasty also has two Beijing, one in Beijing, one is shengjing.

during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Changan has been called the Han and Tang Dynasties in Xi'an, the official did not make Xi'an known as Tokyo, to the period of the Republic of China, the Nanjing national government once wanted to Xi'an to Tokyo, Nanjing national government why renamed Xi'an Xijing? In September 18, 1931, there were 918 incident, January 28, 1932. And there was a · 28 Incident, in the face of the Japanese invaders step by step, the Nanjing national government to the administrative center moved to Luoyang, called for the line in Luoyang, Xi'an as the capital, and will be renamed Xi'an Xijing, Xijing City set. In the period of Anti Japanese War, Nanjing national government has been trying to set up a city, but because the majority of Xijing, area of the North China Plain was occupied by the Japanese, so has not moved the capital to Xi'an, but to Chongqing as the capital. During the Anti Japanese War, is located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River in Chongqing, there are high mountains and lofty hills barrier, more secure.

review the history, we find that there are a lot of Chinese city once called atlantis.

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