If you don't work, do you have a steady stream of income?

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how much money is not important, how long can make is the most important. What is not sustainable is not to be envied. A radical change in the structure of income and the pursuit of sustained income are the only options. When will you create a sustainable income, and when will you be out of poverty?.

many people fear the income from work is uncertain.

workers eager to find a double, after work but also hard work, that would be away for days about basic necessities of life.

in fact, no matter how many jobs you do, the amount of income you get from working hours will never get you out of it.

wants to achieve the freedom of wealth, we must remember the following principles:

, usually not sustainable, is not worthy of envy

a wealth of curriculum in Taiwan, the speaker asked the audience: do you know what is the definition of money?

was shocked the audience, the rich definition is not a lot of money?

the speaker shook his head. "If you think you have money, it's called rich people, which means you don't know what the definition of wealth is.".

real rich people are healthy people who have the time and money to spend, but how to define the definition of wealth?

it's first to know how long the standard of living can last if the whole family does not work.

money is defined as: when they don't work, or lose the job at hand, also can let oneself and family life to live.

the audience on the spot dumbfounded, does not work, can continue to survive?

this is all schools are not taught, the speaker suggested that:

when rich people do not work, they still have before the investment funds, stocks, bonds and the rent of the house, the most important is the night of non-stop operation of the enterprise system, etc..

so rich people play golf every day, and they still have tens of millions of dollars a month.

teach him to fish as delegate to fish, and the choice of vast wealth, it is better to choose a will continue to take the money cup.

"the cup that continues to pay for money" is the concept of sustainable income. "How much money you earn is not important, how long you earn is the most important.". "

many people spend their entire lives, almost become machines of work, but can not get rich forever.".

those who buy lottery, gamble and become rich overnight, they also achieve the goal of becoming rich.

, however, notice that it helps those lottery stations or casinos earn profits.

wants wealth to keep going into our accounts, but it's not that hard.

income is the measurement of psychological conditions, and the surrounding environment is only a projection of the brain's value.

simply change the brain's thinking, and we will substantially improve our income.

, think about how much you can do for your present job How many times can you sell things in your life?

we can have real wealth and create a plan that will never be short of money.

two, completely change the income structure of

income, is the decision of this family is the key factor for the rich or poor.

most families earn most of their income from work. About 95% of

's income comes from the salary earned at work.

income earned when not working, such as interest income, rent, income, pension, royalty, etc..

the average family has a lower income ratio, which is only about 5%, even without such income.

therefore, to change the income structure, we must increase our income from working".

we have to figure out how much money a person needs to save before he can resist inflation.

smart people know to use their leisure time to help themselves find a sustainable income.

in order to avoid the collapse of the M society, we have the obligation to tell our friends around us that we should try our best to have sustained income.

this is a sense of mission, but also a responsibility to society.

three family, at least one person to create sustainable income

every car has fifth tires, spare tire is.

, do you have a spare tire for your family? There are two roles in the

family, caregivers and dependents.

takes on the family's livelihood, makes money, goes home to support the family, belongs to the caregiver;

, another non working role, belongs to the dependent". The risk of

is always omnipresent, and if it's unfortunate that someone who takes care of the family has had an accident, the family will get stuck in poverty and can't even get through it.

because the family caregivers fell off on social relief, this phenomenon It is often seen. in our life.

in fact, there is no need for accidents, as long as one day the caregiver was dismissed by the boss, and

lost the source of income, the family's economic center of gravity will suddenly imbalance.

note that most caregivers work hard every day,