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weifengwang· 2017-09-13 11:43:45


remember the super Mario 64 game? This game can be said to create a real 3D action game era. Even now, there are still a lot of players keen on research. But with the development of the times, we also know that the quality of this game has been unable to keep up with our needs, moreover, this game is no multiplayer mode.

" but recently MOD master for "super Mario 64" specially developed multiplayer gameplay of MOD!

uses the MOD "super Mario 64" will be able to support up to 16 simultaneous game player online games, and in MOD, the author also expanded the role of the game, such as Vainio, Louis and Mario watts from "super" Rosa Lena and the Milky Way roles appear in the game, these different roles also have their own action.

"super Mario 64" multiplayer MOD also added a new racing, play hide and seek, I believe that these new ways and new roles and new models coming, can make this classic game again with new features.

as the first 3D of the super Mario game in June 23, 1996 with the Nintendo 64 games host together in the Japanese market, global sales of over 11 million units, the game sold for 3D after the game had a huge impact. For a long time, the game has been a benchmark for 3D action games in the industry.

and in December 2, 2004, as a re added new elements after the remake of the work, "super Mario 64 DS" as the starting game with the Nintendo DS sale. Moreover, the NDS version of the plate sold the same sales results as the original N64, setting a record of 10 million sales in both the plate and the original.

believes many plumbers, fans, will be happy to see that those classic Super Mario games can be reborn. Have you ever played super Mario 64 before?

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