"The mummy discovered inside the mouse out of paper"! Cool breeze response

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guangzhouxinwendiantai· 2017-09-13 20:32:22

is preparing to open a pack of paper,

suddenly found inside

9 12, a Yangzhou woman opened a packet of paper, that paper extraction discovered a dead mouse, and a terrible stench. 13 noon, someone smoked paper manufacturers Jin Hongye Paper Group, through the breeze official micro-blog response, by third departments testing, foreign parts not production links mixed.

but now, Yangzhou citizens Ms. Dai for pumping paper the idea is not so open, because she and her colleagues in the late 10, a pack of breeze draw paper, found a very terrifying.

" Ms. Dai told reporters shows the bag she purchased breeze brand pumping paper, saw its packaging intact, sealed open slit, through the slit, she saw a dead mouse .

Xiaobian see after a stomach

I feel I am not myself!

cool breeze is a big brand used by many people!

" then, when reporters face, wearing ladies bags, around Straw open slit reporter saw the dead rat flattened stacks of paper, paper and dried blood and contour trace, a "Mummy" that stinking!

" Ms. Dai Tucao: pumping paper is on the west side of the Century Lianhua supermarket buy half a month ago, a pack of 200 pumping night until the end of the package, just tear a small gap, saw a mouse!

, how can there be mice in the paper?

reporter to accompany Ms. Dai to find the supermarket,

staff heard that after also very shocked,

said, did not encounter this situation,

need to find manufacturers to come to determine.

" Qingfeng response: foreign body than production with

9" on Sept. 13 at noon, Jin Hongye breeze paper group the official micro-blog incident said in a statement, will be the first time the foreign body and products to third party department for testing, third party analysis report confirmed non production links with foreign body.

statement issued by the manufacturers, the production date is April 18, 2017, see from the real foreign body is soft and fresh may not have died, 5 months. The factory has a professional pest control company to carry out governance, pumping paper is a closed production environment, the production line speed is one pack per second, it is impossible to have foreign bodies mixed.

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"The mummy discovered inside the mouse out of paper"! Cool breeze response

"The mummy discovered inside the mouse out of paper"! Cool breeze response