At the last moment, Emperor Wudi changed his own historical evaluation

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syndrome and four years (before 89) in June, sixty-eight year old Han Dynasty was probably the most famous in the history of China crime has imperial edict of Luntai.

after forty-three years of war with the Huns, the emperor was painful to accept this fact, the surrender is an impossible task, the Han Empire has been unable to fight.

" Han Empire at this time has been in precarious. Here two years ago (before 91), shocked the world of witchcraft, framed forced the coup Prince Liu's Dutch act, Queen weizifu also follow the son; second years (before 90), the late emperor's most dependable generals generals Li Guangli before the surrender of the Huns, almost have proclaimed finally, the use of force to resolve the problem of the bankruptcy wudi. In addition to

double defeat on the political and military, Liu Che had lost light Wenjingzhizhi accumulated decades of rich resources, "Han" in saying that "domestic waste", "half the world accounts".

in accordance with the Zizhitongjian "argument, three months before the Han Dynasty imperial Luntai, near Taishan in the Fengshan ceremony, is said to have made more profound self-criticism than Luntai Chao:" I came to the throne since the insolence, the world of sorrow, not regret. Since this has hurt the people and wasted the world, I am sorry to hear that. "

in the view of Sima Guang, the emperor to have infinitely close to the tyranny of Qin Shihuang (" different from Qin Shihuang "virtually no), gave a series of negative evaluation of four words," fan punishment heavy taxes, lapped in luxury, luxury palace in foreign affairs, Shii, believe in spirits and excessive parade". If it is not late to turn the Luntai Imperial Emperor of Qin Dynasty can "have lost from Qin disaster".

but in any case, it is under Sima Guang's pen, the emperor was given their age double political image. In this regard, historians still have many disputes until recent years. Mr. de Yong Xin pointed out that in the "manufacturing" in the book of Han Dynasty, Sima Guang emperor in turn is deliberately enhanced with a political purpose, and Wang Anshi is in order to fuguoqiangbing reform with a countermeasure, faint allegory Zhao Song Emperor "change" as soon as possible, and the meaning of cutting method.

Mr. Chen Suzhen in "Han said:" research and the political and political culture in the book is that the Luntai imperial edict "does not negate the emperor for decades the open edge of business, but did not deny the whole enterprise"; Luntai Zhao does not mean that the emperor changed the original idea, "he just delayed conquest the time, slow down the pace of the management of Western region".

may be able to say, until the death of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty (87 years ago, after two years, Zhao Luntai) is not truly on the life of "illustrious martial arts" have repented him repentance is not principle in detail, such as the war rhythm not to control.

sixteen year old emperor ascended the throne, reign of fifty-four years, most of the time the ruling is the flames of war, North Korea, South East and West, the north swallow Baiyue, breaking the Huns, the basic and the surrounding dozen times. To some extent, the emperor and two Emperor Qianlong is the most important today Chinese territory, such as the former Fan Wenlan said "laid a preliminary foundation for the majority of modern Chinese territory, the latter ending meaning.

, Emperor Wudi undoubtedly loves war. In ancient times the historical situation, if not to like Sima Guang the paranoid view of peace if the emperor of the war itself, whether it is morally speaking, or from the political needs, strong "militaristic" with negative meaning may be added too many modern people emotion.

but I still want to make "militaristic" to the Han Dynasty, the war itself may be neutral, but the whole era almost runs through the whole war is difficult to defend. The emperor Qin Shihuang and the largest common point is that they are very not good at self-control, ignoring the people's power limit, let the open edge spread infinite desire.

Han Wudi gave me the biggest feeling is that he did not take the country to the verge of collapse, not to use their resources to the limit, not to fight to him is not difficult to continue blooming, stop the pace of conquest.

Han Hun war, although the whole process of Han Dynasty is in "the hurt", enjoying the ten thousand enemy since the loss of eight thousand type of victory, but there is indeed a jianhaojiushou time window. Yuan Shou four years (before 119), to accomplish the whole task at one stroke in the battle of Mobei, the main has actually been Wei Qing Huo hit, the emergence of the "Hun Yuandun, good situation, Wang Ting Mo namo" hangaozu "battle of Baideng" hundred years of humiliation with interest daily, the Hungarian slave again it has been unable to constitute of the Han Empire's military threat.

if the emperor at the end of the war, not entangled in his true history in pursuit of the problem of "solve", is to advance the rescript for Luntai for thirty years, the Han Empire have thirty years to recuperate, but they appear later Han Dynasty "," domestic waste "Qin trace".

so, the historical evaluation of the emperor is not as full of tangled, swaying in the two extremes of the tyrant and the "emperor of Han". Even the immediate descendants of Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty,

, examined the "big" in a complex mood

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